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Disney+ ‘Daredevil’ Series Hires ‘Jack Ryan’/’Punisher’ Writer & ‘Loki’ Directors

All change behind the scenes...

by Dave Elliott
Disney+ 'Daredevil' Series Hires 'Jack Ryan'/'Punisher' EP & 'Loki' Directors

Disney+ ‘Daredevil’ Series Hires ‘Jack Ryan’/’Punisher’ EP & ‘Loki’ Directors

Disney+ has announced the people it hopes will right the good ship Daredevil: Born Again following its “creative overhaul” as it’s revealed Dario Scardapane will take over as showrunner, with co-directors Justin Benson & Aaron Moorhead joining behind the camera.

For those of you who have not been following this story, back in May last year, Disney+ revealed they had a new ‘Daredevil’ series in development with Charlie Cox reprising his role as the “Devil of Hell’s Kitchen”, alongside Vincent D’Onofrio returning to the role of “Kingpin”. Chris Ord and Matt Corman (Covert Affairs) were acting as head writers on the show whien it began filming earlier this year.

However, following a pause in production caused by the WGA & Actor Strike, the Marvel bosses (Kevin Feige, et al.) looked at what they had so far and were unimpressed with the show’s direction. That led to Ord and Corman being fired (although they remain exec producers), along with the previously hired directors for the remaining episodes, as they worked on a “creative overhaul”. At the time, less than half of the planned 18 episodes (split across two seasons) had been filmed.

Now it has been revealed that Dario Scardapane, who previously served as a writer and exec producer on Marvel’s ‘The Punisher’ series, and more recently wrote and served as consulting producer on Prime Video’s ‘Jack Ryan’, will take on the role of showrunner for ‘Daredevil’. It’s also been announced that the co-directing team of Justin Benson & Aaron Moorhead, who are just coming off the back of directing episodes of ‘Loki’ Season 2. and previously directed on ‘Moon Knight’, will direct the remaining episodes of season one.

Whilst we don’t know exactly what it was that put off the Marvel brass on the original version, reports suggest the Ord and Corman show was something of a “procedural”, with Matt Murdock not showing up in costume until the fourth episode… Scardapane will not only have the job of writing the remaining episodes but also revamping the footage which has already been shot into more of a serialised drama.

Daredevil: Born Again‘ does not yet have a premiere date, but it’s likely not to land until late 2024, or possibly even 2025 on Disney+. If you want to keep track of this or any other show, add it via our Never Miss system, and you’ll be notified when it gets a UK premiere date.

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