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Casino Bonus Codes: Best Way to Use Them

by Dave Elliott

In addition to the flexibility, variety of games, and convenience, one of the benefits of playing maszyny online at an online casino instead of a physical establishment is the wide variety of bonuses and promotions available. Some are dished out daily, others weekly, and others every month. These online casinos are constantly enticing their players with mouth-watering and rewarding bonuses. The most common way to claim these offers is via casino bonus codes.

However, as the popularity of bonuses and promotions continues to increase, the number of frauds and scams shoots off the roof. Some people knowingly try to exploit bonus codes awarded by the casinos. Others, unknowingly, don’t know how to use them. The result is that they don’t make the most out of the offers.

Whether you are in the former or latter category, this article has all the information regarding casino bonus codes. What are they, and how do you make the most out of them? What are some of the best practices for them?

What Is a Casino Bonus Code?

The most simplistic and direct definition of a bonus code is a unique coupon that helps you claim a bonus. Like any other coupon code, they are unique to a promotion or online casino and come in different formats. They can be in the form of numbers, letters, or a mixture of both. Examples include FREE123, Spins500, WELCOME2500, CHRISTMAS20FREE, EasterEggs100, Collect 30 free spins, etc.

Characteristics of Bonus Codes

New players occasionally make mistakes when using their promotional offers. As mentioned, some of these mistakes are knowingly or unknowingly made, leading to underutilization of the offer. Casinos see these mistakes coming and have specific rules for bonus codes. Therefore, one of the best ways to avoid making mistakes is by understanding their characteristics or features, which include the following:

  • They are case-sensitive;
  • Casino bonus codes have expiration dates;
  • They can only be used once;
  • They are unique to an online casino.

Casino Bonus Code Etiquette

The more experienced casino player constantly monitors and tries to take full advantage of the available bonuses. They do this by using the latest casino bonus codes to collect free spins, welcome and match deposit bonuses, reload offers, and many other promotions. While there’s nothing wrong with doing so, they break so many rules for using casino bonus codes. To avoid this, you should observe the following etiquette and be a responsible gambler. For your information, most of these rules are also against the bonus hunting practice, which has become very common in the iGaming industry.

Avoid Creating Multiple Accounts

Even outside the online gambling industry, this one is straight-up illegal! It is a common tactic many new players and ignorant, experienced players try to use to claim a ‘bigger bonus.’ A bonus hunter will open multiple accounts so that they can use the bonus code multiple times. This way, they can make more money in the process. Truth be told, it might work in most cases; there’s no denying that fact. However, it is illegal at online casinos. The moment the brand catches you, all the bonus cash and any winnings from it or in your account will automatically be forfeited. No questions asked.

How will the casino catch you, you ask? They are constantly reviewing accounts and monitoring your gambling patterns. They have systems in place to detect frauds, cheats, and irresponsible gamblers. So, at one point during your gambling time, you will be caught. To avoid losing money you’ve won legally, just don’t create multiple accounts.

Using the Same Bonus Code Multiple Times

This one is pretty much the same as the first option but doesn’t involve creating a new account. Every time you deposit, many online casinos let you input the bonus code you’d like to use. So, for example, you claimed the match deposit offer and used it all up. What is the next thing to do? Well, why not use the same bonus code to claim this bonus again?

This was something many online casinos allowed you to do in the past. However, given how players used to abuse this provision, they removed it entirely. So, after you’ve used the bonus code, it ceases to be valid for your account. However, a first-time user can use it. This is why many online casinos publish bonus codes on their websites without hiding them. They know you cannot reuse it once you’ve used it.

Entering the Bonus Code Wrongly

Yes, as innocent as it may sound, some players enter the bonus code wrongly – knowingly – in hopes that it might go through and help them claim the respective bonus. For example, instead of entering the FREE100, they’ll enter it as Free100, FREE_100, or FREE 100. It is a bad practice and should be stopped. In fact, go ahead and give it a try, but rest assured it won’t work. They are case-sensitive and must be entered as they appear in their respective promotion list.

Failure to Understand the Terms & Conditions

It might sound boring to mention the obvious. Still, you will be shocked at how this basic information is not basic to everyone. You MUST read the terms and conditions associated with the bonus offer. They will dictate how you must use them to redeem whichever offer they give.

Don’t Be a Scammer!

Lastly, don’t be a scammer! Avoid exploiting the casino knowingly, as you ruin the party for everyone. The best casino bonus code etiquette for savvy players is to use the codes as they are supposed to! If you try otherwise, casinos will only make it harder for players to redeem the offers they dish out! If you are unsure of the best way to use a casino bonus code, contact the support team for further help. The best online gambling houses usually have a team on standby 24/7 to offer you the relevant help.

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