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Heath Ledger’s Joker

Empire have got the first exclusive pic of Heath Ledger in full Joker get up. Got to say, i’m loving this look. I […]

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Could it be…

See for yourself, go to

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Now With Added Venom…

New Spiderman 3 trailer with more shots of Venom added, plus a close up of a very toothy looking Eddie Brock!

See the trailer here
See more […]

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Spidey 3 in 225Mbs Worth of High Defness!

UPDATE: Sony have removed the video for the moment, but you can view it in lower res below:

A whole 7mins 31secs of Spiderman 3 in […]

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“Ghost Rider” reviewed!

Well, I’ve just come home from seeing Marvels’ latest comic-book adaption, Ghost Rider. No doubt people have seen the adverts on tv or on […]

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Buffy Season 8 Comic Book

Buffy was always one of my favourite shows, and although the cast may have gone their separate ways, Joss Whedon has decided to continue following […]