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Nurse Joker Will See You Now…

This bunch of Dark Knight shots turned up on the interwebs last night. Seems Joker is into some gun wavin’ cross dressin’ action! There’s also […]

Geektown UK TV Air Dates

Ready To Have A Ball With The Joker?

As i posted a couple of days ago, the Joker’s been up to his old scavanger hunt tricks again… Empire managed to get some shots […]

Geektown UK TV Air Dates

John Mayer is Not So Serious…

US Singer/Songwriter John Mayer arrived home recently to […]

Geektown UK TV Air Dates

Official Dark Knight Poster

This is pretty sweet!

Batman on Film also has some nice updates on the latest viral marketing stuff The Dark Knight guys have been up to. […]

Geektown UK TV Air Dates

More Joker Shots.

These cropped up recently on the ol’ internet. They really are going all out with the viral marketing on The Dark Knight. Ledger is looking […]

Geektown UK TV Air Dates

Heath Ledger’s Joker

Empire have got the first exclusive pic of Heath Ledger in full Joker get up. Got to say, i’m loving this look. I […]