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Downton Abbey

Downton Abbey

I don’t know… You leave one water bottle out in a photo, and they decide to stop the show…

Carnival Films, the producer of Downton Abbey and ITV today announce that Season 6 will be the final season of the worldwide hit TV drama.

ITV’s Director of Television, Peter Fincham said, “When Julian Fellowes and Gareth Neame brought us the idea for Downton Abbey six years ago we thought it would be a great Sunday night series for ITV, but we had no way of knowing that it would become a global phenomenon playing to hundreds of millions of viewers around the world. What a ride it’s been – for everyone involved in the production, for the cast, and most of the all for the audience. We all thought very carefully about the right moment to bring something so special to a close that felt editorially right, and left viewers wanting more. Christmas Day on ITV this year will certainly be one to remember, as the concluding special brings a series to an end that started as a leap of faith for all of us, and ended surpassing all expectations.”

Julian Fellowes, writer, creator and Executive Producer of Downton Abbey, one of the UK’s biggest ever drama exports said, “The Downton journey has been amazing for everyone aboard. People ask if we knew what was going to happen when we started to make the first series and the answer is that, of course we had no idea. Exactly why the series had such an impact and reached so many people around the world, all nationalities, all ages, all types, I cannot begin to explain. But I do know how grateful we are to have been allowed this unique experience. I suspect the show will always be a principal marker in most of our careers as we set out from here, and if so, I consider that a blessing and a compliment.”

Downton Abbey is the highest rating UK drama of the past decade across any channel, with an average of 11 million viewers over the course of the five series, including Christmas specials. The Golden Globe®, Emmy®, PGA, BAFTA, National Television  Awards  and  Screen Actors Guild award-winning show, debuted on ITV in 2010 and has since become a global phenomenon.  Downton Abbey is now in over 250 territories worldwide.

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Spike TV UK

Spike TV UK

If you listened to the Geektown Radio podcast this week (which I’m sure you did ;)), you’ll have heard us mention a new channel that’s due to launch in the UK soon. Spike TV has been running in the US for a while now, but it gets it’s UK debut on the 15th April on Sky (EPG 160), Freeview (channel 31), and Freesat (channel 141), and has got some rather good shows lined up. Here’s the press blurb:

Spike UK will offer a mix of original commissions, smash hit acquired drama and blockbuster films, factual library content and adrenalin-fuelled sports blended with a range of reality series from Spike in the U.S., which is consistently amongst the highest rating basic cable networks. Both Spike in the U.S. and Channel 5 are owned and operated by Viacom International Media Networks.

In terms of those ‘smash hit dramas’ they mention, they really weren’t kidding…

For the first time in the UK, the fantastic BREAKING BAD will be airing in it’s entirety for free on a UK channel. They will also be running the whole of the superb SONS OF ANARCHY and JUSTIFIED. They have also taken over the free-to-air rights to THE WALKING DEAD  (the first run rights are staying with Fox.) Ironically, these were all shows which ran on Channel 5’s network, but were dropped by the previous owner…

In terms of new show imports, they’ve picked up OLYMPUS from SyFy US, which is the story of a group of people banished by the Gods to the Underworld, aka the Kingdom of Hades, as they uncover the truth about their pasts.

Other new shows include Lip Sync Battle hosted by LL Cool J, which is a half-hour show where people lip sync battle each other… Police Interceptors Unleashed with Vinnie Jone following a high-speed police interception unit. Tattoo Disasters UK, which kinda does what it says on the tin, and FailArmy’s popular YouTube channel is getting it’s own show. Spike have also signed an exclusive deal with the British Association of Mixed Martial Arts (BAMMA) for its tournaments, which will feature in a Saturday ‘Fight Night’, and Bellator MMA.

So, a mixed bag with some amazing old and new imports, British martial arts, and some *meh* reality shows, but given they’re bring Breaking Bad, Sons of Anarchy and The Walking Dead to viewer for free, they can fill the rest of the air time with anything they like!



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Geektown Radio : UK Film, TV News & Air Date Info!

Geektown Radio : UK Film, TV News & Air Date Info!

And we’re back! Bit late, but we’re back, and we also have the return of Chris this week. :) This week we have a special on MCM Comic Con Birmingham, where we talk about the comics, cosplay, and the tv stars we talked to from The Walking Dead and Sleepy Hollow. There’s also all the usual weekly update about tv shows, films and other geeky news! In this weeks show:

  • All the fun and games from MCM Comic Con Birmingham – the comics, the cosplay, and the panels from The Walking Dead including  Laurie Holden who played Andrea, Christian Serratos who plays Rosita Espinosa, and Tyler James Williams who plays Noah, the panel with Sleepy Hollow’s Tom Mison, Colm Meaney’s Panel, and the round table interview with Neil Jackson from Sleepy Hollow. 
  • Bringing you the latest TV & Film news – including the return of the X-Files, Family Guy switching channels, and ITV’s new Arthur Conan Doyle drama.
  • Answer your questions in the Q&A (if you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments!)
  • As always, we bring you all the latest air date info, and a look forward to tv in the next 7 days

Show Notes:

Here’s the round up of Comic Con with all the photos (including the photos of the Harley and Joker we mentioned… and me as Red Hood…)

Click here to view the Walking Dead Panel video

Click here to here to view the Tom Mison & Neil Jackson videos.

Click here to see the Colm Meaney Panel video

The interview with Killer Magic’s Jasz Vegas.

Here’s the link to the Alan Tudyk  (yes, I know I pronounced his name wrong in the show, it’s been a long week…) & Nathan Fillion’s CON MAN Indiegogo page if you want to get involved.

For all the latest uk tv premiere information, check out the UK Air Dates page here.

Geektown Radio : Episode 10

If you want to take a listen to the latest episode, just click the link below, and if you like it, you can click here to subscribe to Geektown Radio on iTunes or click here for the RSS feed.

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As you may know already, the brilliant Silicon Valley Season 1 is out now on DVD and Blu-ray, and season 2 is due in April on Sky Atlantic. If you’ve never seen the show, or would like to get to know the characters a little more, HBO have sent over this handy little interactive map of Silicon Valley for you to play with! :)

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Comic Con Birmingham - March 2015

Comic Con Birmingham – March 2015

It’s March, so Spring has sprung, the birds are singing in the trees, and that also means hordes of geeks get dressed up in costumes and descend on the N.E.C. for the first MCM Comic Con Birmingham of 2015!

The Guests

Warwick Davis

Warwick Davis

This year had some outstanding guests, including a trio from The Walking Dead, two of the stars from Sleepy Hollow, Colm Meaney from Star Trek and Hell on WheelsChris Gorham from Covert Affairs & Ugly Betty, and the ever wonderful Warwick Davis.

I only caught a few little bits from the panels on the Saturday, partly due to traffic at the N.E.C. being insanely busy and partly due to being in the press room having chats with Neil Jackson (aka Sleepy Hollow’s Abraham aka The Headless Horsman), and Christian SerratosTyler James Williams (Rosita & Noah from The Walking Dead). I also got to watch a very excited and happy Colm Meaney when Ireland won in the Rugby! On Sunday however, I firmly entrenched myself in the front row of the Comic Con Theatre to catch all the action.

You can see the Sleepy Hollow interview and Tom Mison’s panel here. The panel for The Walking Dead is here, and Colm Meaney’s panel is here.

The Comics

What would Comic Con be without the comics!… Well… a Con. ;) It was good to catch up with a few of the people I met last time, including Steve Penfold with his wonderfully ridiculous Moon comic book, and the guys from Subversive were there again with Bearlands & Metal Made Flesh.

I also picked up a copy of the now completed ‘Tabatha’ from Neil Gibson Comics. I read the first issue back in April last year, and it’s a great story about a mailman who’s using his job as a way to suss out affluent properties to steal from. Unfortunately for them, they try to rob the wrong house, and stumble across something very very disturbing… You can read the first issue online here.

The Cosplay

And of course, no Comic Con would be complete with out the cosplay. Once again, UK Garrison’s 501st were there are doing an epic job supporting the Star Wars fraternity as usual. Interesting fact, it turns out ‘Darth Vader’ went to the same school as Ichabod Crane (Tom Mison of Sleepy Hollow)!

Below is a gallery of the various people I spotted whilst out and about the Con. A special shout really needs to go out to these 2. Harley and Joker.

Harley & Joker

Harley (Tori Seager) & Joker… Being photobombed by a Mega City One Judge…

I would have asked their names, but they’re so in character the entire time, I very much doubt I would have got a straight answer (edit: apparently the brilliant Harley is Tori Seager)… He is one of the most convincing Joker’s I’ve seen, and has the voice down to a tee. ‘Harley’ i’ve seen at the last few Birmingham Cons, and is really the embodiment of the character. Not long after I took this, I was chatting to 2 Spider-men (as you do), when I see Harley tear past carrying something… I’m still not entirely sure what, but it appeared to belong to the 2 Mega City One Judges who were in hot pursuit… I wonder if she took whatever it was in revenge for the Judges photo-bombing their pictures… This things you can only see at Comic Con! :D


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The Walking Dead Panel

The Walking Dead Panel

Probably the biggest draw at the Con this year in terms of guests was the trio that came from The Walking DeadLaurie Holden who played Andrea, Christian Serratos who plays Rosita Espinosa, and Tyler James Williams who plays Noah. This is the panel from the Sunday, and all 3 were on good form. With a mix of old and new cast, you can hear them talk about how they feel about being surrounded by zombies on a daily basis, who’s the biggest joker on set, and how some of them felt about leaving the show – WARNING – There are spoilers in the video if you’re not totally up to date!