US drama that follows the story of Emily Thorne (Emily VanCamp), a young woman who is welcomed into the posh Hamptons community. What the residents fail to realise is Emily is only there to exact revenge on those who had destroyed her family…

UK Premiere Date Information

Latest UK Premiere Date

UK Channel: E4

Latest/Next UK Season: 4

Latest/Next UK Premiere Date: No exact date/time - Archive Archive

Country of Origin: USA

Additional Airing Notes:

It’s official, there are no more dastardly scheming in the Hamptons. The show is cancelled/ending after 4 seasons.

Previous UK Premiere Dates

Season 1 – E4 – 28th May 2012 at 9pm

Season 2 – E4 – 7th January 2013 at 9pm

Season 3- 6th January 2014 at 9pm

Season 4- 5th January 2015 at 9pm


Final Season: 4



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38 Responses to “Revenge”

  1. Margaret says:

    Don’t know about series 3 and 4 – but Sunday 26th July 4.15a.m. ! E4 are starting re-run of Series 1 from the beginning. Can but hope they carry on right the way through.

  2. j says:

    Revenge series 4 ep1, 2, 3, 4 is not on demand.why?

  3. kathleen green says:

    Please bring back Revenge as soon as possible, cant wait to see what happens next. Thank you

  4. stacey says:

    Hehehe cant wait for season 4 of revenge. Sooooooooo looking forward to it ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  5. may says:

    When does revenge season 4 air in the UK thanks

  6. heavenlygranny says:

    HI, can you please tell me when I will be able top watch revenge season 3 on sky on demand? Or will it be repeated on e4?

    • Emily Thorne says:

      You can watch all the episodes of season 3 right now on youtube at:
      as for when sky on demand will show the boxset, i’m unsure but they are showing a recap of the first season on E4, so i’m sure they will recap season 2 and, eventually season 3 aswell. The next episode in season one is Tuesday 26th at 11am and repeats at 5pm. It’s those times every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays. Hope this helps!

  7. R says:

    Hi will E4 air season 3 of revenge from the beginning again?

  8. zoe says:

    The ending of series 3 of revenge was brilliant with the graysons getting what they deserved. Victoria getting sectioned and the big shock of david clark returning and stabbing conrad. Deffinately want to see series 4 with whats going to happens next.

  9. Alexander de Wet says:

    Just saw end of Series 3 – Victoria has to come back Revenge would be nothing without her

  10. jackie says:

    revenge is just brilliant, please can you say how long we will have to wait for series 4?

  11. Helen says:

    Season 3 ended tonight in the uk and it was fab! When will season 4 be shown??

  12. Dave says:

    Now that revenge season 3 has just ended in uk channel E4 can anybody tell me when season 4 will start

    • maureen says:

      hi there I have just watched all box sets series one to three of revenge can you tell me when series four will be airing on uk tv many thanks

      • Margaret says:

        Sunday 26th July at 4.15a.m. they are starting a rerun on E4 of Series 1 – don’t know if they will follow it with the other 3 series but we can but hope

  13. Luke says:

    When will season three of Revenge air in the UK and when will it be on demand?

  14. Ellen says:

    No. It is supposed to end this series! Urgh. Why drag it out for so long? Would series 4 just be the aftermath? That is the only thing I wouldn’t mind, but if she is still trying to lead up to the so-called revenge then there is a 0% chance I will watch series 4. This series is already more boring than the last. I just want it to END.

    • Chan says:

      Your crazy they have to do a series 4 reunite Emily with her dad and find out what will happen to jack there is still sooooooooooooo much more to the story but i think it should be the last in the series after that and there will be a 100% chance i will be watching season 4

    • MJ says:

      A simple solution to you finding it boring would be to not watch it 🙂

  15. chelsea jones says:

    When does season 4 start as season 3 ended with no ending.

  16. jane carswell says:

    when will season 2 be repeated on E4? i missed it and want to pick up the story before i start watching series 3.

  17. Hilary bassett says:

    Hi, Can you tell me if there are DVDs of season one and two of revenge ??? I love this programme, it’s probably the best thing on tv, and I would love to watch season one and two again before season three starts, but more importantly I want to be able to watch it over and over ! Thanks Hilary

  18. Carley H says:

    Season 1 of Revenge is currently being shown on Sky On Demands Boxsets, will Season 2 also be shown?

  19. Viv says:

    Is series 2 of revenge going to be repeated on e4

  20. Jacqueline says:

    When does revenge series 3 start again on UK tv

  21. Zahida says:

    When is revenge back uk

  22. tony says:

    ive really enjoyed your last 2 seasons, but when will season 3 start on e4 please 🙂

  23. Brett says:

    Season 3 premiers beginning of September in the U.S, so surely we shouldn’t be that far behind…

  24. Emma says:

    When will revenge season 3 be shown in uk on e4?

  25. Akeel says:

    Hi can you find out the air date for Revenge Season2 in the Uk? Thanks.