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Knights of the Old Republic 3 – Return of the Bioware!

by Dave Elliott

Knights of the Old Republic 3

After Obsidian gave us a so-so sequel to Biowares’ genius original Knights of the Old Republic, according to an EA analyist report, Bioware are back at the helm for KotoR 3! This however, IS NOT the MMO they have in development, but another straight RPG. There’s also more Mass Effect on the way, along with the already anounced Dragons Age.

Does this kill off the idea of a KotOR MMO? Well… not necessarily.

It’s still not announced what the MMO is yet, and it’s not been that long in development (in MMO terms). So, it’s not impossible that a KotOR3 RPG could be used to expand the Old Republic world, and then lead on to a KotOR MMO.

Of course… that could just be wishful thinking on my part. ;)

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