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Stargate SG:1 Master Replicas Watch!

by Dave Elliott

As you might have noticed, the nice people at Forbidden Planet have been helping sponsor the site a bit over the last month, however, when i stumbled over this on their site, i really felt it deserved it’s own post due to it’s awesomeness!

Stargate SG-1 Master Replicas 10th Anniversary Watch

The Stargate SG-1 10th Anniversary Commemoritive Watch!

Just look at it! How cool is that! It even has an iris that closes over the top of the watch’s face! One of the coolest geekiest watches i’ve seen in a long time… WANT!

It’s made by Master Replicas (the FX Lightsaber people) and it’s limited edition with only 1,000 watched made. The watches were designed and produced to be given to the show’s cast and production crew to celebrate 10 years of Stargate SG1.

Seriously geeky cool, in the best way possible!

Hop on over to Forbidden Planet for more info on the Stargate Watch.

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They also have a bunch of other cool Stargate Replicas over there, such as SG-1 Replica Zat Guns, Replica Jaffa Staff Weapons, and the Eye of Ra Pendant given to Daniel Jackson. Click here to view all their Stargate Replicas!

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