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Life On American Mars!

by Dave Elliott

life on mars

It’s looking like the US remake of the genius UK series Life On Mars is being picked up by the US ABC network. David E Kelley (Boston Legal, Ally McBeal) looks to be the show runner. Interesting for a US remake, they’ve picked 2 irishmen to play the leads.. Having said that, they did offer the roles to Phil Glenister and John Simm to reprise, but they turned it down due to family, and fear of becoming “a nutter in The Priory if i’d gone to Hollywod” as Phil put it!

The setting is switched from 1973 Manchester UK, to 1972 Los Angeles. Sam Tyler, Gene Hunt and Annie Cartwright are all there, it doesn’t look like Ray or Chris’s characters make the transition though. The pilot appears to stick pretty faithfully to the plot of the UK show from what we can see. I’d expect that to vary more as the season progresses though.

Colm Meaney as has been cast as Gene Hunt – To scifi fans, Colm is best know as Miles O’Brien from Star Trek:TNG and DS9, and more recently Cowen, leader of the Genii in Stargate : Atlantis. His film work also includes Con Air, Layer Cake, and The Commitments.

I really feel Colm’s a very good fit for the US portrail of the ‘Gene Genie’. Gene is an Irish American cop, but still has UK Gene’s no-nonsense approch to police work! Colm’s proved over the years how good he is at switching from serious, to rough, to comic, all of which are interweaved aspects of Gene’s character.

Jason O’Mara is playing Sam Tyler. Got to be honest, don’t know this guys work at all…

You can see some of the all in action in the trailer below after the jump…

Hummm… I’m really unsure… For me it’s lost the coolness and quirkiness that made it so great in the original. It has been undeniably transformed into a US show though, which I suppose was the point… I would like to see the whole episode before making a proper judgement…

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