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Golf GTI Scalextric Game

by Dave Elliott
The New Golf GTI

The New Golf GTI

The May 22 brings the arrival of the new Golf GTI, and to celebrate this the bods at Volkswagen have gone ‘old skool’ with a high tech twist. VW have constructed the ‘GTI Project’. An awesome epic scale Scalextric track inside a hanger where you can take control of a 1:43 scale Golf GTI and race it against the clock from the comfort of your own room!

New Golf GTI game

Click here to play the new Golf GTI Scalextric Game

All the fun of Scalextric with out the hassle of covering the living room with track, and smashing lamps and ornaments every time the car flies off as you take the corner a little too quickly. You can still fly off on the corners, but if you do a helpful lab tech will pick you up and put you back on the track.

If you set a particularly impressive time, you’ll appear on the online global leader board, and could even be entered into the prize draw to win the chance of driving a new Golf GTI for three months.

To play the game, head on over to the GTI Project website and they’ll guide you through the virtual workshops of the modellers, then onto the race track itself.

Head on over there and get racing!

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