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Smallville Finds Zod!

by Dave Elliott
Callum Blue will be playing Zod in Smallville

Callum Blue will be playing Zod in Smallville

It looks like Clark will be having another run in with General Zod in season 9 of Smallville, and obviously like all good evil characters on US shows, he’s English. British actor Callum Blue will be taking on Kal-El in season 9. Callum will be familiar to those of you that saw the wonderful ‘Dead Like Me‘ as the reaper Madson, or you may have spotted him as Billie Piper‘s boyfriend in Secret Diary of a Call Girl.

Is isn’t Zod’s first appearance in Smallville having previously escaped the Phantom Zone, capturing Lana and inhabiting Lex Luthor’s body making him evil… well, more evil than usual anyway.

The original Zod, Terrance Stamp, also has a recurring role in Smallville as the voice of Kal’s father Jor-El. Interestingly Stamp’s version of Zod was also used in CGI form when we see Zod being forced from Lex’s body, so there’s a slight continuity error there. I’m sure they can cover it by slapping a Zod’s goatee on Callum. That might be a slight giveaway to Clark though, because as we all know, people with goatee beards are inherently evil. ;)

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