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15% Off Geek T-Shirts SALE!

by Dave Elliott

15% Off All Geektown T-Shirts Sale!

As we’re getting into well into a pretty standard British summer… why not cheer yourself up from the depressing weather by purchasing a t-shirt or 2 from the GeekTown t-shirt shop. From now till the 23rd of Aug 2009, you can get a 15% discount on any product in the GeekTown tshirt store by using the code SUMMER2009 when you spend £30 or more.

We’ve got a whole bunch of different designs and are expanding all the time:

We have various designs for the ever popular ‘I’m What Willis Was Talkin’ ‘Bout’ t-shirt.

Declare you love for the genius of Whedon with a ‘Joss Whedon is My Master Now!’ t-shirt, or a ‘Firefly’ inspired t-shirt.

Show your a true gamer, with a Portal inspired ‘The Cake is a Lie’ t-shirt, or one of many World of Warcraft t-shirts.

Or you could just want a plain and simple ‘Geek’ t-shirt.

All of these and many more are available over at the GeekTown T-Shirt Shop!

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