NBC’s The Cape Preview

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22 May 10

With a number of US show’s on the way out (24, Lost, Heroes, and Flash Forward to name but a few…), the networks have started announcing some of their new Fall Season pick ups. One from NBC that caught my eye was ‘The Cape‘, starring ER’s David Lyons.

Lyon’s plays officer Vince Faraday. A good cop trying to clean up a corrupt city, who get framed for murder and left for dead. forced into hiding and separated from his family, he take inspiration from his son’s favorite comic book and becomes ‘The Cape’.

James Frain (The Tudors), take up the role of billionaire Peter Fleming – aka Chess – The Cape’s nemesis, and Keith David as Faraday’s mentor Max Malini. The cast is rounded off with a topping of Summer Glau (Firefly, Terminator: TSCC, Dollhouse) as geek blogger Orwell.

What are it’s chances? Well… Mixed i guess. Given it’s on NBC, and they’re looking to replace the cancelled Heroes, they might give it a chance. But then it’s fairly well established that NBC CEO Jeff Zucker is an idiot, so anything is possible… Plus poor Summer hasn’t had much luck with show longevity recently, so hopefully this will be one to break the trend!

NBC’s The Cape Preview