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The Great Batman Movie Debate

by kevin

The Great Batman Movie Debate

What better way to enjoy Gotham’s very own Dark Knight battling evil than on a big screen under the impressive vaulted ceiling of Islington’s Union Chapel.

The Great Batman Movie Debate Lineup

Last night Sky movies and Shortlist magazine invited GeekTown to be part of the debate as to which of the shortlisted ‘top four’ batman films is indeed the greatest.  Chaired by Mark Dolan, arguments were put forward, some more convincingly than others, by Shortlist’s editor Terri White, Sky Movies ‘resident movie geek’ Josh Howie and two more who require little introduction, Dom Joly and Vic Reeves.

The evening began with a select crowd of fans enjoying some light refreshments in the chapel bar (!) before moving into the main hall for the debate.  Some interesting insights into the top four: Batman (1989), Batman Returns, Batman Begins and The Dark Knight included the controversial casting of Michael Keaton, Jack Nicholson’s Joker vs Heath Ledger’s and of course the state of Christian Bale’s larynx in Dark Night.

The Great Batman Movie Debate - On Stage

Having entered the debate fully intending to cast my vote in the direction of The Dark Knight I was genuinely swayed by Dom’s, all-be-it less than enthusiastic, argument that Batman begins is the only film that really explains to the novice what on Earth is going on!  Personally I love that about Batman Begins, as well as the fact that you get two films rolled into one: the Shaolin-Monk-training academy escapade followed by the more familiar Gotham City night time punch up.

A short recess at the bar was followed by the announcement of the winning film, The Dark Knight, and then of course by the HD screening itself.  I’ve seen the film in more comfortable seating and with less daylight in the theatre but the novelty of the surroundings more than made up for these small shortcomings. Now all that remains is for me to get very excited about the rumored next installment in Christopher Nolan series of frankly awesome Batman films.

Sky Movies Showcase/HD presents all 6 Batman movies together in HD for the first time on UK TV, pus several other comic book hero movies. Titles will feature in back-to-back slots from Monday 12th – Sunday 18th July on Sky Movies Showcase/HD (channels 303 and in HD on 314).

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