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A Town Called Eureka is cancelled…

by Dave Elliott
Eureka - Cancelled!

Eureka - Cancelled!

It seems the US SyFy Channel just don’t think they are quite hated enough by fans after cancelling Stargate Universe. So to really upset people, they’ve now decided (after the traditional brief denial), to cancel Eureka.

SyFy US had originally annouced they were going to shorten Eureka season 6 to just 6 episodes, which at least would have given the show time to wrap things up… But then they though:

…actually, screw that! How are we going to keep are rep as the US’s douchiest TV channel if we give a show a chance at a proper ending! We’ll just cancel Eureka season 6 all together… Send out the usual sob story press release. You know, the “difficult business decision” blah blah “very grateful to amazing cast and crew” etc, etc…’ one. You should know the drill by now!

So, there’s a Christmas episode and 12 episodes of season 5 coming in 2012 – plus the rest of season 4 we haven’t seen in the UK, and that’s your lot…

Eureka season 4b starts at SyFy UK tonight at 9pm.

I know you might be thinking ‘so why are you promoting the show tonight?’… Well, i think its fine to vent at SyFy UK, but it’d be a bit unfair to go blaming them for the US cancelling the show… I bet the SyFy UK guys would have saved it if they could, but they have about as much control over what the US SyFy network does as we do!..

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