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Channel 5 Picks Up ‘Person of Interest’

by Dave Elliott

Well, it’s taken a while, but a UK channel has finally picked up the Jonathan Nolan/J. J. Abrams crime drama ‘Person of Interest‘! It’s taken a year for a UK station to take an interest, either because they wanted to see if it got a 2nd season, or just weren’t sure about it, but we now know Person of Interest has been renewed for a 2nd season by CBS, so at least you know it’s worth investing some time in, and you’re not going to be left hanging after just 1 season (see Ringer, Alcatraz etc…)

Person of Interest stars Jim Caviezel as John Reese. An ex-CIA officer and Green Beret he’s current living in a rundown apartment in NYC after an ‘incident’ left him presumed dead. Then along comes a billionaire computer genius Harold Finch (played by Lost’s Michael Emerson), explaining he’s built a computer that uses information gathered in today’s surveillance culture to create a prediction engine that will predict terrorist attacks and crimes. When the government ignores Finch, he decides to talk matters into his own hands, and hires Reese for his CIA/kicking ass skills to track down the crimes, and stop them before they happen. Think park Batman, part Minority Report.

If you’re still not sure. Person of Interest has been developed by the co-writer of The Dark Knight/The Dark Knight Returns (not to mention the short story that inspired Memento), and the man responsible for Lost, Alias, Fringe and making Star Trek awesome again! And if that doesn’t convince you, it stars Ben from Lost working with Jesus! Really, how can you not want to see that! ;)

Person of Interest will be coming to Channel 5 ‘later this year’.

For more info on UK Premiere Dates for US shows, take a look at our UK Air Dates page!

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