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Top Ten TV Shows That Would Make Great Movies

by Dave Elliott

When you’re looking through the cinema listings desperate for something great to watch, but feeling slightly let down – do you ever wish they’d make a great movie from one of your favourite TV shows? We certainly do – so here are five from the UK and five from the USA that we think it’s high-time got the blockbuster treatment…

5 UK TV Shows that would make good movies!

I, Claudius

I, Claudius

I, Claudius – The iconic 70s British TV series was superb at putting you in the heyday of the Roman Empire – so just imagine what it would be like with today’s special effects and a decent production budget. You know it makes sense movie producers.

Top of the Pops – How about a docu-movie of the greatest music show the world has ever seen? Top of the Pops meant so much to so many of us for so long – that it just aches to be made into a great movie – whether documentary style or dramatized.

Merlin – With the TV show finished, how about a movie to pick up the story. If you followed on from where they left things, you could move the setting to modern times, with Colin Morgan as old Merlin, and Bradley James playing the re-incarnated Arthur.

Fawlty Towers – The most respected British comedy of all time should be made into a movie for today’s audience though admittedly, John Cleese’s shoes would be big ones to fill in more ways than one; a challenge for casting! Or maybe you could talk Cleese into doing it himself. He does have all that alimony to pay off…

Absolutely Fabulous – this is just as relevant today as it was in the mid 90s and surely deserves a great comedy movie to be made?

Over to the USA now for 5 more that will surely have movies made about them sooner or later…

Magnum P.I. and his glorious moustache.

Magnum P.I. and his glorious moustache.

Buffy/Angel – I know this has been continued in comic book form, but now Joss has a bit more power behind him, i’d love to see him dive back into the Buffyverse with a big screen outing. Or if you wanted to go more sci-fi, you could always make a Fray movie…

The West Wing – Surely this one is long overdue and it would be relatively easy to adapt more recent political events into a great movie drama. When it ended I really wanted to see Santos’s first term in office. Maybe you could have a crisis set over a few which had Santos having to bring in Bartlett to advise.

The Sopranos – Why this has never been made yet is difficult to say. Perhaps producers fear not being able to match up to the iconic and ground-breaking TV series? And considering the multiple deaths at the end of the TV series, a prequel may be more likely? Please let’s have it soon!

Magnum P.I. – Given the number of 80’s shows that have already been remade into movies, i’m rather surprised Magnum hasn’t been done yet. It’s an iconic TV show, with an iconic car, and a rocking theme tune. Perhaps it’s the thought of asking an actor to grow a moustache as glorious as Tom Selleck’s that’s putting them off.

Quantum Leap – There have been rumours for a while about creator Donald Bellisario writing a Quantum Leap movie script, but nothing seems to have come of it, which is a shame. I’m sure Scott Bakula would be up for taking part, whether it’s as a cameo, or more substantial role.


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