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Poll – The Next Doctor

by Andrew

First things first, thank you very much to everybody who voted in last week’s poll. A huge increase on the previous week.

Now, as for last week’s poll, the result was fairly predictable. The winner was Game of Thrones, outstanding in every way. However, as one regular poster highlighted, that could be due in part to the equally outstanding visuals which accompany the outstanding theme.

Therefore, the silver medal is worthy of comment. Hawaii 5-0, which, it could be argued, does not enjoy quite the same outstanding visuals, performed almost as well as Game of Thrones, more likely on the strength of its music alone.


Who should follow Matt Smith?

Who should follow Matt Smith?

So that was last week and this is this week. Matt Smith is going to stand down as the Doctor. Whether or not that will occur during or after this year’s Christmas special is anybody’s guess. But the regeneration will happen at some point and when it does, whose face should come out of the flashy lights?

I’ve given you a whopping ten to choose from. In my view there is only one winner, but let’s see what you think.

And if you don’t know who they are – Google or Wikipedia will help.

Happy voting.

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