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Trailer for Alex Kurtzman & Bob Orci’s Sleepy Hollow!

by Dave Elliott


As I mentioned in the Upfronts Part 2 post, I really wasn’t all that bothered about the idea of a Sleepy Hollow remake… Until i realised Star Trek, Fringe, and Hawaii Five-O writers Kurtzman & Orci were behind it. Having now seen the trailer, that’s only upped my excitement for it!

Tom Mison (Salmon Fishing in the Yemen, and Frank in our beloved Slingers), plays 18th century revolutionary war captain Ichabod Crane, who is flung into the modern day town of Sleepy Hollow, where he becomes mistakenly accused of murdering a police officer. Unable to prove his identity (and claiming to be from the past…), Detective Abby Archer (Nicole Beharie – The Good Wife) is understandably skeptical of Crane’s story. However, when Archer’s partner is brutally murdered in a bizarre attack, only Crane can corroborate her story…

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