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Sky Living Drop Supernatural…

by Dave Elliott
Supernatural Dropped By Sky Living

Supernatural Dropped By Sky Living

It’s the news i’d fear would come at some point. Sky Living today announced they were dropping Supernatural from their schedules saying “We understand fans of the show may be disappointed by this news and we want to reassure you that we appreciate your passion for TV, Sky Living and these shows in particular.” 

As annoying as this is, and as appallingly as they treated the Winchester boys (airing it 9 months after the US air date, then cramming it into 10 weeks), it’s not like they’d just drop the show to spite UK fans, and knowing the backlash they’d get. I suspect it’s just they can no longer make the numbers work. My guess would be WB hiked up the price to a point where it was no longer viable for Sky.

It’s also good Sky actually came out with a clear statement about it, rather than letting it just not air and hoping no one would notice – Yes Channel 5, i’m looking at you. Where the hell is Sons Of Anarchy?

So what now? It’s unlikely to go to another UK channel, at least not any time soon. Netflix or ‘Amazon Instant Video’ may be good bets, we’ll just have to wait and see…

Should also mention, they confirmed they haven’t picked up Cougar Town either…


Once we have news, we’ll update the UK Air Dates page.

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