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Geektown Podcast 13: Interview With Longmire Author Craig Johnson

by Dave Elliott
Craig Johnson

Craig Johnson

This week I had the pleasure of chatting with the award winning and best selling author Craig Johnson.

Craig is best know for his series of novels centred around Wyoming county sheriff Walt Longmire, all of which have been in the New York Time best sellers list, and have spawned the hit tv show Longmire, which is currently airing it’s 2nd season on TCM in the UK.

His new novel [amazon_link id=”0670026468″ target=”_blank” ]‘Any Other Name’[/amazon_link] is due out on the 13th May 2014, and follows the story of the Wyoming county sheriff as he heads to the adjacent county to investigate a by-the-book detective who has seemingly committed suicide. Walt wants to know what might have driven his old friend to take his own life, but over the course of the investigation, he uncovers suppressed evidence, and dark secrets that could claim even more lives if he can’t solve the case soon…

You can get all Craig Johnson’s books on Kindle here, or buy them from ‘The Murder Room’ here.

Geektown Podcast 13: Interview Longmire Author Craig Johnson

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