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BBC Three’s Hotel of Mum and Dad Needs You!

by Dave Elliott
BBC Three's Hotel of Mum and Dad

BBC Three’s Hotel of Mum and Dad

Mentorn Media are making a second series of the BBC Three hit Hotel of Mum and Dad and are looking for young couples currently living in the family home!

  • Are you desperate for your own space?
  • Are you a newlywed couple living with your in-laws whilst saving to buy a home?
  • Does your partner like their home comforts a little too much?
  • Are you nervous about living on your own with your partner for the first time?

We are going to give couples the chance to road test living on their own for a week and see how they like it!

We’d love to hear from couples aged between 18 – 30 who are ready for this challenge!

Please email your name and contact number to: [email protected]

Text the word Couples followed by your name to 07806633698 or call 0207 258 6805

*Texts and calls will be charged at standard network rates

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