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Awesome Game of Thrones Merchandise!

by Dave Elliott

With the new series of Game of Thrones well under way, you maybe feeling the need for more GoT stuff in your life! Here’s a selection of some of the great official merchandise that’s out there.

Littlefinger's Houses of Ill Repute

Littlefinger’s Houses of Ill Repute

Game of Thrones T-Shirts

These come from www.printedbyrobots.com and cover a range of things, from quotes from the show to various emblems and cute versions of the show’s characters. Have to say, I’m rather fond of the ‘Littlefinger’s Houses of  Ill Repute’ tee, although you can’t go wrong with a ‘HODOR, HODOR, HODOR’ one either!

Funko Game of Thrones Mystery Minis

You know nothing John Snow!

You know nothing John Snow!

How would you like you’re own Jon Snow? One that could just sit on your desk looking a little grumpy… Probably because you use him to practice shouting ‘You know nothin John Snow’ at at various points throughout the day… (no?.. Just me then…)

Following the huge success of the POP vinyl figures of popular characters from the hit HBO series, Funko has launched new line of Mystery Minis. These small collectible figures are bought individually in ‘Blind Boxes’, meaning you never know which you’re going to get, providing a fun way to collect, swap with friends and complete the full set of mini figurines! Available from www.hboshopeu.com

Pop-up Guide to Westeros

Pop-up Guide to Westeros

Pop-up Guide to Westeros

I was actually lucky enough to get sent a copy of this, and it’s just spectacular! No only does it work as a pretty awesome, normal pop-up book, but it also folds out into an incredible 3D model of Westeros! Designed by renowned paper engineer Matthew Reinhart, it’s amazingly detailed, and has loads of great info to go along with the brilliant pop-ups! Available from www.hboshopeu.com for £40, and totally worth every penny!

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