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The Walking Dead: S501 Review (SPOILERS)

by Owen Robson
The Walking Dead - S5:01

The Walking Dead – S5:01

If any viewers had any complaints about The Walking Dead being slow in season 4 then they would have no complaints about the season 5 premiere “No Sanctuary”. The first scenes before the opening credits were intense to say the least, one by one the gore of people’s throats being cut at the trough after a smack to the head made you think, how is this even allowed on the TV? Poor Sam! Carol was there to save the day, with every character showing their capability especially Tyreese whose willingness to compromise his morals on not killing to help save Judith showed that they truly were screwing with the wrong people!

The word cannibal was actually not used in the episode, but it was obvious. You have to feel sorry for Gareth & co after what happened to them through the use of flashbacks but what they’ve become is despicable. Even eating their own (Alex) shows that they are truly too far gone in this world. And guess what? Gareth is still alive! Wonder if that will come back to haunt the group.

The episode’s brutality and fast pace was topped with two reunions which brought a tear to the eyes of all fans. First Carol then Tyreese and Judith. It was heart-warming and it’s what we’d all been looking forward to for half a season and the wait payed off big time. One big surprise was afoot for the TWD fans after the credits, months after the events of the premier we saw Morgan on his way to terminus (looking at the sign Rick had edited after escaping) who had been gone for almost 2 seasons. No one was expecting that.

Final Verdict: Everything you could have asked for in a premiere, deaths, gore, shocks and seeing your favourite characters be total bad-asses! Hopefully a great season 5 to come!

The Walking Dead returns on Fox UK, Monday nights at 9pm, but you can watch below for a seek peak at Episode 2…


10/10 – Shortness of breath, lots of gore and leaves you wanting more!

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