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Gotham Debuts at 2m in the UK on C5 & Gets Full Season Pick Up.

by Dave Elliott

Good news for fans of the Dark Knight’s home town, as Gotham debuted to over 2m with a 9.28% share (inc. HD & +1) of the UK audience on Channel 5, making a fantastic start in the UK for the 1st year drama. The show actually beat out both Channel 4 and BBC2 for the 9 – 10pm time slot, which has got to be a relief to the folk over at 5 given that it wasn’t a cheap purchase for them.

We’ve poked some sharpened sticks at Channel 5 in the past over the dropping of some of our favourite shows, but, as we’ve mentioned before, TV stations aren’t charities. They are their to make money, so if they buy a show and it doesn’t get the viewing figures to support it and make the money back, they don’t really have any choice but to drop it. Once Upon A Time being a case in point. Despite it’s huge popularity with visitors of Geektown, the viewing figures for it were woeful, which forced the channel to drop it.

So, the message here is, if you like Gotham, tweet about it, (#GothamUK@GothamOn5) Facebook it, tell your friends, help keep those numbers up, make sure you tune in next week for Episode 2: Selina Kyle (video above!)

News also arrived yesterday that Gotham has been given a full season order by Fox in the US, adding 6 more episodes to the run, bringing it up to a total of 22, so all in all, things are looking good on both sides of the atlantic for Gotham. :)

Gotham airs Monday nights at 9pm on Channel 5 in the UK

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