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Sneaky Pete Given a Full Series Order By Amazon

by Dave Elliott

Another show we were talking about on Geektown Radio this week was Sneaky Pete, which has it’s pilot episode up on Amazon right now. I’m very happy to say that they’ve decided to give it a full season order.

Sneaky Pete, is the story of Marius, a con-man who needs to lie low after being released from prison, due to the last people he ripped off not being too happy that he stole their money. Marius decides to steal the identity of his rather annoying cellmate, who would tell him these stories about his life as a kid staying with his grandparents. As the real Pete hasn’t seen them for 20 years, it’s not too hard to convince them he’s their long lost grandson, and he’s fairly quickly ingratiated into the family… and the family bail-bond business… Taking on the role of a ‘skip tracer’, he uses his con-man skills to help catch other criminals, and discover the family life he never had.

There’s a lot of talk about this being Bryan Cranston‘s return to tv after the epic Breaking Bad, but he’s actually more behind the scenes on this show, as he co-created it with House mastermind David Shore. Cranston does appear as the rather disgruntled (to put it mildly!) mob boss chasing Marius, but it’s the Giovanni Ribisi (Avatar, Dads, Friends, Saving Private Ryan) who leads the cast as the titular ‘sneaky’ Pete.

If you haven’t caught it yet and have an Amazon Prime subscription, just click the link below!

Sneaky Pete Pilot on Amazon Prime

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