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E4’s new ‘Aliens’ show cast’s Being Human’s Michael Socha and Top Boy’s Michaela Coel

by Dave Elliott
Being Human's Michael Socha and Top Boy's Michaela Coel

Being Human’s Michael Socha and Top Boy’s Michaela Coel

If you listened to the Geektown Radio podcast this week (you really should, it’s quite good you know!), you’ll have heard us talking about a new show due on E4 in their Winter season called ‘Aliens‘. No, it’s not a tv version of the James Cameron movie, it is a new comedy-drama from writer Fintan Ryan (In The Flesh) and Clerkenwell Films (who made Misfits), for which they’ve just announced some of the cast.

The show centres around the idea that aliens have been here amongst us for the past 40yrs. However, although they look like us, walk and talk like us, they are forced to live in a walled off ghetto area know as Troy. Lewis (Michael Socha) is a mild mannered security guard on the wall around Troy, who discovers he is in fact half-alien. A fact which turns his life upside down as he gets dragged into the seedy underbelly of the alien ghetto…

Michael Socha (This is England, Being Human, and Will Scarlett in Once Upon A Time) is playing Lewis, the mild mannered security guard.

Michaela Coel (Top Boy, Chewing Gum) is Lilyhot, an enigmatic and alluring alien who is deeply embroiled in one of Troy’s criminal gangs. When Lewis crosses her path, her fate and his become inextricably entwined. She’s quoted as saying “I’ve been a big fan of Fintan Ryan since Never Better and was directed by J Van Tulleken in my first ever television role. They, amongst many other things, make this one of the most exciting projects I’ve ever been a part of and I can’t wait to get started.”

Also joining the cast are Michael Smiley (Black Mirror, Luther, Kill List), Ashley Walters (Top Boy, Outcasts, Hustle), Holli Dempsey (Derek, New Worlds) and Trystan Gravelle (Mr Selfridge, Anonymous).

Filming started this week, and Aliens is due to air Early 2016.

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