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The Vampire Diaries Returns to ITV2 in October

by Dave Elliott

The first season of Elena-less The Vampire Diaries lands in the UK on the 28th of October at 11pm ITV2 have announced.

With Elena off in some mystical coma which she can’t be pulled out of unless best friend Bonnie dies, season 7 starts with the resident’s of Mysic Falls all coping in their own ways. Caroline by taking up the diary mantle,  Damon by being generally snarky, Stefan by being generally a bit mopey (so what else is new). Meanwhile Lilym the Salvatore mother, tries to drive a wedge between the two brothers, whilst her vampire-witch hybrid Heretics cause trouble… Dysfunctional family much?

TVD ratings have been a little down in the US, but we’re hopeful they can make it through without Miss Dobrev. Keep an eye on the air dates, and renewals pages for the latest info!

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