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Alex Kurtzman Producing A New Star Trek TV Series!

by Dave Elliott

UPDATED: Now the official press release is out, we have a little bit more info on the upcoming new Star Trek TV show. It’ll air on CBS in January 2017… But only the first episode will be on the main channel. After that, it’ll be on CBS All Access, which is their On Demand service, which already offers every episode of all the previous series.

It’s being produced by Alex Kurtzman, who co-wrote JJ’s recent reboot of the franchise, and will star an entirely new cast of characters “seeking imaginative new worlds and new civilizations, while exploring the dramatic contemporary themes that have been a signature of the franchise since its inception in 1966.”

Interestingly, they say “the new television series is not related to the upcoming feature film Star Trek Beyond, which is scheduled to be distributed by Paramount Pictures in summer 2016.” This has to do with the rights of the Star Trek tv show being with CBS, where as the film rights belong to Paramount. It does raise the question of whether the new show will continue in the original timeline (Shatner/Kirk, Stewart/Picard etc…), which is also the one used by the Star Trek Online game, or if it’ll be set in JJ’s alt (i.e. Chris Pine/Kirk) timeline used in the films. That statement seems to imply it may be a continuation of the original timeline…

Obviously there’s no news yet on where it’ll air in the UK as it’s only just been announced, but given Sky’s history with the franchise, I’d be extremely surprised if it didn’t end up on Sky 1 or Sky Atlantic.

Original post below:

Can i just say YAY it’s about time! :D

Alex Kurtzman co-writer and executive producer of JJ’s Star Trek movie has announced he’s bring the show back to the small screen at CBS. Not much more is know about it yet, but expect more announcements later today!

Star Trek has been off the small screen for 10 years (yes… ST: Enterprise is 10yrs old!), but after Abrams, Kurtzman & Orci spectacularly brought the show back to the cinema, rumours had been circulating of a TV revival. With the 50th anniversary next year, now is a great time to do it as the new show will air in the Jan 2017 in the US.

We’ll update with more news as we get it.




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