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The Walking Dead Season 6, Part 2 & Talking Dead Will Return 15th Feb

by Dave Elliott
The Walking Dead Season 6, Part 2

The Walking Dead Season 6, Part 2

We had guessed this already, but now officially confirmed, The Walking Dead & Talking Dead will both return on the 15th of February at 9pm on FOX.

Could you cover yourself in zombie innards and walk amongst the undead without flinching? Face a horde of walkers head on after spending all of your bullets? That’s where we left Rick and the gang as they found themselves cornered with nowhere left to turn.

Just as things looked like they might settle, disaster struck (or came crashing down) giving way to the walkers to invade. With Alexandrians dispersed in different locations what will become of their fate? Carol and Morgan were knocked unconscious by a member of the Wolves gang as he kidnapped the town’s only doctor Denise. Meanwhile Deanna was bitten by a walker as the remaining group including Rick, Michonne and Jessie decided to mask their scents by covering themselves with walker entrails.

But with little Sam losing his cool and crying out to his mother, will the surrounding walkers notice something is not quite right? Tune into The Walking Dead on FOX to see what fate awaits Rick and the others. As always it will be followed by Talking Dead presented by Chris Hardwick and special guests discussing the gripping episodes each week.


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