‘Sons Of Anarchy’ Spinoff ‘Mayans MC’ Adds Edward James Olmos

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14 Feb 17
'Sons Of Anarchy' Spinoff 'Mayans MC' Adds Edward James Olmos

‘Sons Of Anarchy’ Spinoff ‘Mayans MC’ Adds Edward James Olmos

The Sons Of Anarchy spinoff has found the first member of the Mayans MC, and it’s Battlestar Galactica’s Edward James Olmos it was announced last night.

Olmos seems such a natural fit for this show to me, I actually had to go back and check he wasn’t reprising a character that had already been on SoA, as he seems like he should have been in the original series. He isn’t, this is a brand new character, and actually the father of lead character EZ Reyes, who is a prospect in a Mayan MC charter on the California/Mexico border.

According to the character description, “Felipe Reyes (Olmos), the once strong Mexican patriarch, crushed by bullets and hard labor, who struggles to keep his past buried and lead his sons down a lawful, righteous path.”

From that bio, it sounds like Felipe may possibly be an ex-biker gang member, who’s trying to stay out of the life, and clearly won’t want his son making the same mistakes he did.

Edward James Olmos is a veteran actor, who’s had roles in shows such as Miami Vice, The West Wing, Dexter and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., but he’s probably best known at this point for playing Admiral Adama in the Battlestar Galactica reboot.

Mayans MC, which has been co-created by SoA’s Kurt Sutter with ex-biker-turned-filmmaker, Elgin James. The show is currently at pilot stage with US network FX, and they are planning to shoot in March, which will, hopefully, lead to a full series later in the year.