Greg Berlanti Making Live Action, Dick Grayson Led ‘Titans’ TV Series For DC!

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25 Apr 17
Greg Berlanti Making Live Action, Dick Grayson Led 'Titans' Series For DC!

Greg Berlanti Making Live Action, Dick Grayson Led ‘Titans’ Series For DC!

Having taken up half the time slots on US network The CW, the Berlantiverse is expanding onto DC’s new digital service, which is due to launch in 2018!

Titans was originally piloted at TNT, but they turned it down, so naturally, the show landed back at the feet of Greg Berlanti… The man behind Supergirl, Flash, Arrow & Legends Of Tomorrow.

Written and produced by Akiva Goldsman (Star Trek: Discovery, The Dark Tower, Fringe), DC God Geoff Johns (The Flash, Arrow) and Berlanti, the tv series will centre around Dick Grayson as he emerges from Batman’s shadow as Nightwing, and pulls together a team of new superheroes that includes Starfire, Raven and others. It is, of course, based on the hugely popular Teen Titans comic book series, which started in the late 60’s, which has gone through a number of team members since it’s inception.

Rather than trying to stuff another DC property onto The CW, Titans will air on DC’s new streaming service when it lands next year, however, it’s not clear if that’s just in the US, or internationally. It’s also not clear if it will be crossing over with the rest of the Berlantiverse either, although you have to assume it will, because… why not? Given one prominent member of the Titans is usually Kid Flash, so it could be we see Keiynan Lonsdale’s Wally West switching series, or it could mean the introduction of Bart Allen… The other Kid Flash.

Also coming to DC’s digital streaming service will be a 3rd season of Young Justice, now with the subtitle Young Justice: Outsiders. The new season sees the team face its greatest challenge as it takes on meta-human trafficking and the terrifying threat it creates for a society caught in the crossfire of a genetic arms race spanning the globe and the galaxy. Again, it’s not clear how the DC’s ‘yet to be named’ streaming service will work, and whether it’s only going to US based or international.

We’ll keep you updated as we hear more!