‘Padawan Rising: A Star Wars Short Film’ Needs Your Help On Kickstarter

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22 Mar 18

Yesterday, I got to have a nice chat with Lee Kemp, a filmmaker from Birmingham UK who is currently working on his most ambitious project yet – Padawan Rising: A Star Wars Short Film.

Set sometime between ‘Return Of The Jedi’ and ‘The Force Awakens’, It tells the story of Kano, a young, powerful but arrogant and impetuous Jedi in training, sent on a mundane mission to a supposedly abandoned planet as a last-ditch attempt to learn a sense of responsibility. Her only companion is the re-configured Pit Droid R-KS1. Chafing against the constraints of an expeditionary mission to a long-abandoned planet she’s thrilled by the sudden arrival of an invading force and the opportunity to test her powers against a real foe. She’s wildly outnumbered and seriously outgunned, but she has enough self-belief to power a Star Destroyer and it seems this alien world holds secrets of its own.

Along with obviously being a massive Star Wars fan, Lee Kemp is an experienced film-maker, working with brands such as Polar, Jaguar, Team Sky, Tough Mudder, WKD and Philips. He made his first film in 2003 featuring UK Special Forces while serving in Afghanistan and, when he left the Army, went on to study film at university. The film has been written by Poz Watson, who has worked on ‘EastEnders’, ‘My Family’ and written a number of feature film scripts. Keep an eye on Geektown Radio next week too, as will be having a chat with Lee on the podcast!

Karl Poyzer serves as Cinematographer, and is doing an incredible job so far from the little bits of footage we’ve seen in the trailer! He has masses of experience shooting promos, shorts, feature films and music videos for a whole bunch of prestigious clients. Kraig Winterbottom is VFX Supervisor on the film, and probably has the toughest job given it’s a ‘Star Wars’ project! After spending years in ska punk band ‘Lightyear’, he switched careers becoming an extremely talented VFX artist. Lastly, the music is being composed by Kevin Riepl, the man behind the music for video games such as ‘Gears Of War’, ‘Aliens: Colonial Marines’, and the massively popular ‘Rocket League’. He also scored the horror movie ‘Cabin Fever’, ‘Justice League Action’, ‘Batman Unlimited’, and is currently scoring the hugely anticipated ‘Constantine’ animated series.

The Kickstarter for ‘Padawan Rising: A Star Wars Short Film’ is (at time of writing) about 1/3 funded with 12 days to go, so it needs your help! There are lots of pledge options – For example, just £8, you can get yourself a copy of the film, or for just £25 you get the film, previews, a copy of the script, concept art, and detailed background and analysis of the film’s progress. I really would like to see this film get made… mainly because it looks awesome, and I’m a massive ‘Star Wars’ geek!

To make a pledge and join in on the ‘Padawan Rising: A Star Wars Short Film‘ journey, just click this link and choose a reward!