MCM London Comic Con Oct 2018 Round-Up – Cosplay Photos, Videos & Special Guests!

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02 Nov 18
MCM London Comic Con Oct 2018 Round-Up – Cosplay Photos, Videos & Special Guests!

MCM London Comic Con Oct 2018 Round-Up – Cosplay Photos, Videos & Special Guests!

Last week saw the return of the brilliant MCM Comic-Con to it’s London home of the ExCeL Centre for the second time in 2018. The freezing cold weather didn’t stop thousands of geek fans heading to the UK capital for a 3-day celebration of all the geekiness you could ask for.

If you’ve never been to MCM Comic Con London before, it is a giant and wonderfully fun gathering of geekdom split over the two sides of London’s ExCeL Exhibition Centre. The show is filled with everything a geek could wish for, from tv, film and comic book guests, to piles of geeky merchandise, video games, comic books, and amazing photo opportunities.

I’ve been covering the MCM events for a number of years now, and it never fails to impress me how open and friendly all the people are at this convention. From the staff to the attendees to the guests themselves, it’s a wonderfully inclusive atmosphere. You rarely see any issues, even after the event closes and people head to the local drinking establishment ‘The Fox’ to dance the night away. It’s just three days of pure, geeky, fun.

The Guests

Whilst some people come for the cosplay, one of the biggest draws for any comic book convention are the guests. This time around, there was an impressive array of talent from tv, film, and the comic book worlds, who were signing and taking photos with fans. They included comic book legends such as Brian Azzarello and Frank Miller, film stars such as Paul Bettany and Tony Todd, and gaming actors such as Nolan North and the Overwatch cast.

When it comes to the interview side, it’s not always possible to drag people away from the fans wanting photos and signatures to visit the press room for a chat. However, we did manage to coax a few of the guest in for questions. They included the cast of ‘Shadowhunters’Nolan North & Richard McGonagle – AKA Uncharted’s Drake & Sully, ‘Power Rangers’ stars Steve Cardenas & Catherine Sunderland, the cast of ‘Final Fantasy XV’, ‘Star Wars’ Gold Leader – Angus MacInnes, and the always brilliant Vic Mignogna – voice of Dragon Ball Z’s Broly & Fullmetal Alchemist’s Edward Elric. You can see all of those interviews in the video playlist below.

In addition to the video interviews, we also did an audio-only interview with ‘Doctor Who’ star Paul McGann, who chats about his role as the Eighth Doctor. You can listen to that on the Geektown Radio podcast below, where Bex & I also chat about the whole of our weekend at MCM Comic Con London.

As tends to happen when we’re covering these events as press, we often don’t get a chance to see many (if any) panels due to the press room schedule. However, I should mention the team from Critical Role, the weekly live-streamed Dungeons & Dragons game, who have become something of a phenomenon over the last few years. We were supposed to get some interview time with them, but pulling them away from the floor was proving to be impossible due to the number of fans waiting for photos and autographs. They were originally scheduled for only one panel, but ended up doing a second one on the Sunday due to demand. Whilst its a shame we couldn’t get interview time with them, I’m so happy to see such a resurgence of interest in D&D recently. We do cover our thoughts on the Critical Role phenomenon in our podcast chat.

The Comics

Comic Village this year was truly epic… I would say it’s probably the largest it has been in all the time I’ve been covering the MCM Cons. If you want some idea of just how big, check out Bex’s video above where she does a tour of that entire section of the show, pointing out various comic books along the way.

There are a couple of specific shoutouts I would like to give to the indie comic creators. First of all, the lovely Jeremy Biggs of Subversive Comics, creator of the zombie teddy bear epic ‘Bearlands’, cyberpunk ‘Metal Made Flesh’, and Super Robot MAYHEM. I’d also wanted to mention Sarah Millman who was there with NPC Tea, which ex-fire summon, an elf and a magicless human as they attempt to save a failing tea shop in modern day Cardiff… And lastly, Dan Thompson and Steve Penfold from Beyond The Bunker, who did one of the most hilarious (if completely disruptive) interviews with Bex about their brilliant comic book Moon.

If you’re a fan of indie comic books, make sure you click and subscribe to Bex’s TristaBytes YouTube channel as there will be many many more indie comic videos coming in the next few weeks, including that hilarious Moon interview… assuming Bex can figure out how to edit it into something usable despite all their messing about… 😉

The Cosplay

Lastly, but definitely not leastly, we have the cosplay. Once again, the cosplayers outdid themselves, with some of them risking hypothermia outside to get some of the photos taken! There was a great mix of different outfits and some wonderful cosplay mashups, ranging from the hilariously silly to the stunningly impressive.

You can see all of our cosplay photos from MCM Comic Con London – October 2018 below. If you are in any of the photos, thank you for posing, and if you want the super high res version of the picture, just message me via the contact page, and I’ll email it over. For more cosplay and cosplay edits, make sure you subscribe to our Instagram feed.