The Gina Torres ‘Suits’ Spin-Off Gets A Title

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17 Jan 19
The Gina Torres ‘Suits’ Spin-Off Gets A Title

The Gina Torres ‘Suits’ Spin-Off Gets A Title

Last March USA Network announced it had picked up a ‘Suits’ spin-off show starring Gina Torres. Now that show has a title – Pearson, named after it’s title character.

‘Pearson’ sees Torres reprise her role as Jessica Pearson, the hard-as-nails former managing partner of Pearson Specter Litt. Now living in Chicago, she finds herself embroiled in the dirty world of Chicago politics, and must rely on her legal wits to help her navigate these new waters.

The series was first presented as a “backdoor pilot” during the ‘Suits’ Season 7 finale, which saw the old Pearson Specter Litt gang head to the Windy City to help out their former boss. “Gina’s portrayal of Jessica Pearson as one of television’s strongest, most successful businesswomen has made a huge impact with fans,” commented Chris McCumber, president of entertainment networks, NBCUniversal, when the new show was announced. “We can’t wait to explore this next chapter in the ‘Suits’ legacy – and a brand new world for Jessica.”

‘Pearson’ will see Morgan Spector (‘Homeland’) reprise his role from the ‘Suits’ Season 7 finale as Mayor Bobby Golec, along with Simon Kassianides (‘Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’) who played Nick D’Amato, a cop who is the Mayor’s driver but also has connections to a big Chicago developer. They are joined by Bethany Joy Lenz (‘One Tree Hill’) as an ambitious lawyer and Mayor’s unofficial right hand, Keri Allen – the role was played by Rebecca Rittenhouse in the pilot. Chantel Riley (‘Wynnona Earp’) also joins the cast as Jessica’s cousin Angela, along with Isabel Arraiza (‘The Oath’) as Jessica’s rather intense assistant Yoli, and Eli Goree (‘Ballers’) as the mayor’s press secretary, Derrick.

Torres left the main show back in the mid-season finale of season 6, as we saw Jessica leave Person Spector Litt for a new start with her on/off boyfriend Jeff Malone, played by fellow Whedon alumnus D.B. Woodside. There is no sign of D.B. Woodside in the casting announcements, so its possible that relationship went south. In reality, that could be due to Woodside’s other role as ‘Lufcier’s long-suffering brother, Amenadiel.

It’s still too early for a UK pickup or premiere, but we’re hoping Pearson ends up on Netflix UK, due to the potential of crossovers with ‘Suits’ (no one wants another Chicago franchise fiasco!) We’ll let you know when we hear more.