Danai Gurira To Leave ‘The Walking Dead’

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08 Feb 19
Danai Gurira To Leave 'The Walking Dead'

Danai Gurira To Leave ‘The Walking Dead’

The Walking Dead is losing another high-profile cast member soon it has been announced. Danai Gurira, who plays Michonne on the zombie drama, will exit the series at some point in Season 10.

Gurira joined the show as kick-ass, katana-wielding, Michonne in Season 3, and is one of the longest-serving cast members left on the series. Much like the recently departed Andrew Lincoln, Gurira has signed on for a limited number of Season 10 episodes to enable the show to write her character out.

Whilst Season 9 has proved the series can live on with an ever-changing cast, losing another big name so close to the departure of Lincoln and Lauren Cohan, who also left the show this season, must be a bit of a headache for AMC and the Walking Dead team. In addition to actors choosing to leave (either due to contract issues or personal ones), the series as also killed off a number of key characters who would probably be quite useful, creatively, to the series at this point… Not a lot they can do about that now, unfortunately…

Since joining TWD, Gurira has been wowing audiences on stage, and on the big screen, where she recently starred as Okoye in the smash hit Marvel movies ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ and ‘Black Panther’. She is also an accomplished playwright and is developing screenplays, so she won’t be short of things to do once she puts away her sword.

It’s very possible Season 10 might not be the last we see of Michonne. Amongst the sack-loads of Walking Dead-themed things AMC are developing is a series of Rick Grimes movies starring Andrew Lincoln. Given Rick and Michonne’s relationship on the show, it’s not impossible that she may pop-up in those. They also may want to develop a Michonne-related movie or mini-series if Gurira is up for it.

The Walking Dead‘ Season 9, part 2 premieres Monday, 11th February 2019 at 9pm on Fox UK.