Stana Katic’s ‘Absentia’ Season 2 Gets Trailer & June Premiere Date On Amazon

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15 Mar 19

Amazon Prime today released a trailer for Season 2 of Absentia starring and exec produced by ‘Castle’ star Stana Katic, along with a June 2019 premiere date.

‘Absentia’ centres on FBI agent Emily Byrne (Katic), who had disappeared without a trace and was declared dead after hunting one of Boston’s most notorious serial killers. Six years later, Emily was found in a cabin in the woods, barely alive, and with no memory of the years she was missing. Returning home to learn her husband, Special Agent Nick Durand (Patrick Heusinger – ‘Casual’), had remarried and her son, Flynn (Patrick McAuley – ‘The Conjuring 2’), was being raised by another woman, she soon found herself implicated in a new series of murders.

In Season 2, after tracking down and killing her abductor, Emily struggles to define her new normal as a mother and a survivor of six years of physical and mental torture. Even while she rebuilds her relationship with her son, Emily still cannot shake the darkness of her past. She enlists Boston police detective Tommy Gibbs (Angel Bonanni, – ‘False Flag’) in a secret investigation of her mysterious history. When the case turns deadly, she risks everything to uncover the truth and protect her family.

In addition to Katic, Absentia’s returning ensemble cast includes Cara Theobold (‘Downton Abbey’) as Nick’s new wife, Alice; Neil Jackson (‘Westworld’, ‘Sleepy Hollow’) as Emily’s brother, Jack; And Paul Freeman (‘The Dogs of War’) as Emily’s father, Warren.

Joining the cast for the 2nd Season are Matthew Le Nevez (‘The Widow’) and Natasha Little (‘The Night Manager’). Le Nevez plays Cal Isaac, a rugged ex-Navy SEAL with a disarmingly upbeat disposition, and Little stars as Julianne Gunnarsen, a chilly FBI agent brought to the Boston Field Office to help capture the perpetrator of a deadly terrorist attack.

Absentia‘ Season 2 premieres Friday, 14th June 2019 on Amazon Prime UK.

Absentia was commissioned for Sony Pictures Television’s international networks, is produced by Masha Productions and distributed by Sony Pictures Television. The series is executive produced and directed by Oded Ruskin (‘False Flag’), alongside executive producers Katic, Matt Cirulnick (‘South Beach’), Julie Glucksman (‘Still Small Voices’), and Maria Feldman (‘False Flag’). Directors also include Adam Sanderson (‘Mermaids’) and Kasia Adamik (‘The Border’). The series was created by Gaia Violo (‘Blood & Treasure’) and Matt Cirulnick (‘South Beach’) and is based on a pilot script originally written by Violo.