Netflix Releases Trailer For Interactive Show ‘You vs Wild’ Which Allows You To Try And Kill Bear Grylls

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27 Mar 19

After the success of ‘Black Mirror: Bandersnatch’, Netflix has added You vs Wild, a new interactive show, which is great for Bear Grylls fans… But also quite good if you don’t really like him all that much either!

‘You vs. Wild’ is a survival show starring and following Bear Grylls in every episode on a survival show taking place in various remote locations around the world, and with a key feature of a branching narrative with multiple choices within the episode, where a user may direct the course of the story.

So, essentially, each episode gives you the chance to help or abuse the survival specialist as he makes his way through various extreme environments. As you can see in the trailer, do you want Grylls to jump off a cliff? Go for it! Would you rather he be mauled by a mountain lion? Choose that option. It’s a useful bit of marketing which should bring in non-Grylls fans and fans alike!

“If you don’t make the right choices, It might not end well for me…” comments Grylls… Which should please viewers whichever side of the fence you sit.

You vs Wild‘ Season 1 premieres Wednesday, 10th April 2019 on Netflix UK and around the world.