My5 Picks Up Canadian Crime Drama ‘Bellevue’ Starring Anna Paquin

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07 Jun 19

Channel 5’s streaming service My5 has picked up the Canadian “mini-series” ‘Bellevue’, starring Anna Paquin (‘True Blood’, ‘Flack’) to premiere this June, it has been announced.

Annie Ryder (Paquin) is the local cop for her small blue-collar mountain town. It’s a place where good people live right, and if you don’t, they’ll make sure of it. She is called to the scene of an altercation – blood, a tooth, a torn jacket and a cellphone that belongs to Jesse Sweetland, the town’s teen hockey hero.

Given Jesse’s identity as a transgender teen with an alcoholic mother, he may not necessarily be dead – he could have just run away from home with his secret boyfriend. But Annie is reminded of another case from years before – another teen murder, and one that caused her own cop father to kill himself two days after solving it. As the series goes on, Annie finds herself tormented by riddles that seem to connect to the murders, stymied by a ball of silence from Jesse’s hockey team colleagues, and troubled by her own young daughter probing into the case for a school project – a turn which Annie’s on-off boyfriend Eddie is very much against.

Contrary to her fellow cops’ advice, Annie follows the riddles and their connection to her father’s old case, her own life falling apart as she does so. What she finds casts suspicion on the people she has known all her life…

Shawn Doyle (‘The Expanse’, ‘Covert Affairs’), Sharon Taylor (‘Ghost Wars’), Victoria Sanchez (‘Jack Ryan’), and Allen Leech (‘Downton Abbey’) also star.

‘Bellevue’ premieres Friday, 28th June 2019 on My5 in the UK.