Netflix Renews ‘Lucifer’ For 5th & Final Season

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07 Jun 19

Netflix Renews ‘Lucifer’ For 5th & Final Season

Netflix has renewed Lucifer for a final 5th Season it has been announced this evening.

“Well it’s been one Hell of a journey (pun intended),” commented star Tom Ellis on Instagram, “but thanks to our wonderful fans and the success of season 4 Netflix has decided to give us a final season so we can finish our story properly.”

This is the second time the Lucifan’s support has got the show a new season. When the show was axed by Fox during the May 2018 Upfront bloodbath, fans pushed the show to be the top trending topic worldwide on Twitter, leading to Netflix saving the show for a 4th Season.

“We are so incredibly thankful to Netflix for resurrecting our show last season, and now letting us finish the story of Lucifer on our terms,” exec producers Ildy Modrovich and Joe Henderson add. “Most importantly, we want to thank the fans for their incredible passion and support. The best is yet to come!!”


Season 4, which launched on Netflix last month, began with Lucifer reeling from the aftermath of Chloe seeing his devil face. But is attention is soon grabbed by the return of someone from his past… Eve (Inbar Lavi – ‘The Last Ship’), the original sinner herself. The season does end at a point which could have served as a show finale with Lucifer taking up his seat once again as the King of Hell.


The series seems to have gone down extremely well on the streaming service, but it is a bit of an oddity for Netflix, as the rights to Seasons 1-3 are all over the place. Internationally, Amazon holds the previous season rights in some territories, such as the UK, whereas Hulu holds them in the US and internationally in certain locations. The show is also made by an outside studio, making it less valuable to Netflix and more expensive as they have to buy it in. So whilst I will be sad to see it go, I am extremely grateful to Netflix for even picking it up in the first place!

Judging by Tom Ellis’s reaction on Twitter, he seems quite happy about it too…

Based on characters created by Neil Gaiman, Sam Kieth, and Mike Dringenberg, ‘Lucifer’ follows Lucifer Morningstar (Tom Ellis – ‘Miranda’), the original fallen angel, who has become dissatisfied with his life in hell. Retiring to L.A., he inadvertently teams up with an LAPD detective (Lauren German – ‘Chicago Fire’) to help punish criminals.

Lucifer‘ seasons 1 to 3 can be found on Amazon Prime in the UK, with Season 4 available to stream on Netflix UK right now.