A Look at How Video Game and Casino Game Developers Use The Norse Theme Differently

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07 Dec 19

A Look at How Video Game and Casino Game Developers Use The Norse Theme Differently

Regardless of what line of gaming developers are in, creating a title in a popular theme can take their new creation from ‘new’ to ‘popular’ very quickly. There will always be ever-changing trends across the video and casino game industries, but the way in which developers treat the source material is often very different.

The two forms of gaming are so different, and yet many different developers like to hone in on similar aspects but use them in different ways to suit their player bases. As you would assume, video games can allow a deeper exploration, while casino slot games can draw from aesthetics a great deal, but primarily offer a view into an existing theme or narrative.

Here, we’re going to have a look into the worlds of Norse mythology that have been recreated in video games and casino games.

Mythological Norse creatures in video games

Named the best game of 2018 at https://www.polygon.com/best-games-2018, God of War took the gaming community through a riveting depiction of Norse mythology – even though the protagonist, Kratos, had somehow crossed over from ancient Greek lore.

One of the most intriguing aspects of the Sony Santa Monica creation were the creatures that were chosen to feature. Ravens, which are very closely associated with Norse mythology, were ever-present as collectable items, being spies of Odin, but quite possibly the most important was the World Serpent, Jörmungandr.

In a game like God of War, you’d expect to have to fight the colossal son of Loki, but the moment never comes. Instead, the game uses the giant as a tool for game progression and as a wise creature with whom to consult with, and who may have a larger role to play in the next game, per https://www.vgr.com/roots-myth-foretold-fate-jormungandr/. Norse mythology features many beloved mythological creatures, but the one which was more notably missed was Jörmungandr’s brother, Fenrir.

Prominent Norse creatures in casino games

Fenrir is one of the most famous figures of Norse mythology, being destined to kill Odin during the apocalyptic event of Ragnarok. Due to this, wolves are seen as mighty creatures in Norse lore and embraced as such, leading to many powerful depictions.

As you can’t battle creatures in slot games, the wolf has become a high-value character, with Wild Nords, from Daily Jackpots shown here https://games.paddypower.com/c/daily-jackpots, using wolves as valuable icons. In Wild Nords, wolves, bears, and eagles are high-value symbols, but it’s in the much sought-after feature of Rolf: Nord of the Wolves, where the power of the creature is displayed. Here, Rolf combines with the wolf symbols to make them wild, lock them in place, and trigger a respin.

The wolves may not be as cunning as Fenrir is in Norse mythology, but the game certainly gives the nod to the source material by making the wolf such a mighty symbol. As the slot game can’t really explore the depths of the mythos through its gameplay, using creature like this was certainly the most appropriate way to invoke the legends of Fenrir.

Picking two great creatures to draw from

Creatures and humans are often intertwined in Norse mythology, with the creatures being portrayed as powerful heroes or with the ability to change the world. Both Jörmungandr and Fenrir – two of Loki’s three children with Angrboða – play major roles in the prophecies of Norse tales and are rightfully drawn on by game developers to play important roles.

While unlocking the power of the wolves in Wild Nords is desired by all gamers who play, the interactions with Jörmungandr in God of War are nothing short of epic.