AMC Renews ‘Better Call Saul’ For 6th & Final Season

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17 Jan 20
AMC Renews 'Better Call Saul' For 6th & Final Season

AMC Renews ‘Better Call Saul’ For 6th & Final Season

AMC have given a 6th and final season to ‘Breaking Bad’ spin-off Better Call Saul the network has announced. The renewal comes ahead of the 5th Season premiere which is due in February.

“From day one of Better Call Saul my dream was to tell the complete story of our complicated and compromised hero, Jimmy McGill – now AMC and Sony are making that dream come true,” commented Showrunner and Executive Producer Peter Gould. “We couldn’t be more grateful to the fans and critics who are making this journey possible. Next month we start work on the sixth and final season – we’re going to do our damnedest to stick the landing.”

The series follows Bob Odenkirk as Jimmy McGill, the small-time lawyer/con-man on his transformational journey to becoming the shady lawyer of a certain two blue-meth dealing reprobates… It was always a series which had a limited lifespan because the story would have to bump into the beginnings of the ‘Breaking Bad’ plot eventually, and every season had been edging closer to that point. In the 10-episode 5th season, we get to see the repercussions of Jimmy ‘s decision to practice law as “Saul Goodman”, which creates unexpected and profound waves of change for those in his orbit.

“Greenlighting a prequel to one of the most iconic series in television history is one of the boldest swings that AMC has ever taken. But, thanks to the creative genius of Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould, it has also been one of the most rewarding,” adds Sarah Barnett, president of AMC Networks Entertainment Group and AMC Studios. “It has been an absolute joy to collaborate with the extraordinarily talented team on Better Call Saul, which – five seasons in – continues to deliver some of the best storytelling and most beautifully nuanced performances on television today. We congratulate Vince, Peter, our producers, writers and cast on a remarkable run and look forward to sharing this final chapter with fans.”

Produced by Sony Pictures Television, ‘Better Call Saul’ stars Odenkirk, Jonathan Banks, Rhea Seehorn, Patrick Fabian, Michael Mando, Tony Dalton and Giancarlo Esposito and is executive produced by Gould, Gilligan, Mark Johnson, Melissa Bernstein and Thomas Schnauz. Better Call Saul garnered a 2018 Peabody Award, and, over four seasons, has earned 32 Emmy Award nominations, three Golden Globe Award nominations, two Writers Guild Awards, three Critics’ Choice Awards, two Television Critics Association Awards and three AFI Awards for “TV Programs of the Year,” among many other Guild nominations.

“Like Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul is brilliant storytelling at its best. Vince and Peter have created a fascinating world and compelling characters that are unlike anything else on television,” said Jeff Frost, president, Sony Pictures Television. “And the exceptional performances of this extraordinary cast have charmed and captivated audiences every season. While we are sad that this remarkable series is coming to a close, we can’t wait for Vince and Peter to divulge the sensational conclusion.”

Better Call Saul‘ Season 5 premieres Sunday, February 23, 2020, with episode 2 airing Monday, February 24, 2020 on AMC in the US. That should mean Netflix airs the drama on Monday, 24th February 2020 and Tuesday, 25th February 2020 in the UK.