Launching Today – Geektown Online-Con 2020! A Comic-Con From The Comfort Of Home!

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20 Mar 20

Launching Today – Geektown Online-Con 2020! A Comic-Con From The Comfort Of Home!

As I’m sure you are all aware, like every large event, Comic-Cons across the country (and the world) have been either cancelled or postponed this year due to the Covid-19 Coronavirus pandemic. Whilst this obviously sucks for fans of all things geeky, it has also had a major impact on the vendors and creators who rely on the income from Comic-Cons to sell their comic books and merchandise.

As part of the Comic-Con community, here at Geektown, we wanted to do something to help out those people whose income is affected by recent events, and to entertain Con-goers who have found themselves without a Con to attend. To that end, we have put together Geektown Online-Con 2020! A Comic-Con from the comfort of your own home!

In this new section of the site, you’ll find all the things you would usually get at a Comic-Con. We have, of course, a range of indie comic books, along with interviews from our very own [email protected] with the creators, and importantly, where you can buy their books online. Whether you’re into cyberpunk fantasy, nefarious air pirates, or just want the sweet story of a lonely AI, come and check out the Comic Geek Zone.

We also have a section for geeky merchandise, from card games to sweet treats, and amazing artwork to those brilliant mystery boxes! I know some of you are missing your geek purchases from the Cons, so why not buy here and have them shipped directly to you instead! Check out all the lovely merch in the Geek Shopping Zone.

I’d like to stress, we are not charging any of these creators to be on the site or taking any cut of their sales. They are really hurting right now as their main source of income has vanished overnight. Please, please, go and look at their products and make some purchases! If you’re a vendor who would like to be added to the site, just drop us a message.

If you want to find some new games, we have the Gaming Geek Zone, which features our recommendations for indie video games, again, with reviews and interviews by the lovely [email protected]. Whether you’re looking for retro or modern titles, we have you covered in the Gaming Geek Zone.

Although this is a virtual Comic-Con, we also wanted to have some guests too. As we have been covering the Con scene for a while, we have a host of videos from various conventions around the UK, so we’ve collected together some highlights which you may have missed if you’ve not checked out our YouTube pageYou can find all the panels and interviews here.

Along with video panels, we have audio interviews too in the form of our Behind The Scenes Podcast, chatting with a host of interesting people, from FX designers to composers, makeup artists and more, from the film and tv industry.

Lastly, what Con, virtual or otherwise, would be complete without some cosplay. Over the years we have taken hundreds of cosplay photos and videos, so here we collect a bunch of them together for you to browse through. Have a look, you may even spot yourself from a previous Comic-Con!

We are hoping this helps, not only keep people entertained in this difficult time, but also helps out some of the people whose income has been affected by recent events.

Click here to visit Geektown Online-Con 2020!