Geek Shopping Zone

Geek Shopping Zone

In this zone, you will find a collection of lovely and brilliant merchant vendors looking to sell their wares to you bold adventurers! We do not charge any of these creators to be on the site or take any cut of their sales. All sales are handled directly by the vendors themselves, and all money goes to them. They are really hurting right now as their main source of income has vanished overnight, so take a look and get ready to your wallets on some awesome merchandise!

The Amazing Mystery Box

The Amazing Mystery Box launched at Comic-Con London in October 2015 with the claim that they were the “best value for money of any mystery box to be found at the show.” That is a bold statement, but having bought boxes from various vendors over the years, I have to say, I really think they live up to it.

‘The Amazing Mystery Box’ offers one-off purchases, or a monthly subscription service, at prices ranging from £12.99 to £49.99, with the average price being at the £24.99 mark. They guarantee the value of the box will be at least double the price you are paying, so a 24.99 box has around £50 worth of goodies. You can buy boxes filled with general geekiness, or geek specific boxes, such as a ‘Doctor Who’, ‘DC Comics’ or ‘Star Wars’ themed box.

They also offer boxes which are age-appropriate, which is a nice touch. So if you want to get a subscription for a geeky youngling, but want to make sure they aren’t going to end up with some ‘Walking Dead’ loot, they have boxes aimed at 3-10yr olds, and you can choose a general box which will also filter out 18+ goodies. It’s a really good selection!

For those of you looking to sign up to The Amazing Mystery Box‘ subscription, they have given us a bonus code. If you enter GEEKTOWNPLUS at the checkout, you’ll get an extra t-shirt in your first box!

The Custom Cupcake Company

If you’ve been to any UK Comic-Con, your mouth has probably watered at some point walking past The Custom Cupcake Company stand. They produce, not only cupcakes, but a range of products including brownies, some of the most amazing fudge you’ve ever tasted, and the very more-ish chocolate covered marshmallows.

Unfortunately, the cupcakes themselves aren’t really possible to send via the post, however, fudge, brownies and marshmallows do travel in the mail! They are now selling “Winchester Survival boxes” which consist of a range of sweet treat goodies for you to binge on at home whilst you binge on Netflix! Each box will contain your pick of eight items, priced at £15 plus £3 p&p. You won’t regret it (although you might need to loosen a belt buckle!)

They are offering a range of treats which changes from week to week, so either tweet at them on Twitter or contact them via their website for the latest info!

Grant Perkins Art Prints

Grant is a UK based freelance artist who produces a stack of wonderful geeky art covering things from Doctor Who to Thundercats, and Deadpool to Alice In Wonderland. His work has appeared in WWE Kids Magazine, 2000AD, Titan comics and Doctor Who, but like a lot of freelance artists, he made a large chunk of his income from selling his prints at Comic-Cons.

If you like the look of his work and want to see more, or more importantly, buy his prints, you can visit his Etsy store here. He also has a Patreon where you can subscribe to various levels, offering anything from access to the the “Patreons only” posts, to getting a signed A3 print mailed out to you every month. Check out his Patreon here. If none of those takes your fancy, he also does commissions, so hit him up on Facebook.

Goblin Wood – Potter Purveyors

Goblin Wood are “Purveyors of Potter”… Harry Potter that is! Goblin Wood specialises in officially licensed Harry Potter merchandise and collectables. Located in the West Wales town of Carmarthen (the fabled birthplace of Merlin, the wizard), they are an independent family run business. They offer Harry Potter mystery boxes at £12 or £35, and are also now selling Flying Cauldron Butterscotch Soda for £2.99 a bottle! Hit up their online Facebook shop.

Dog Charmed

If you’re a dog lover and a geek, then Dog Charmed is the shop for you! They are Liverpool based creators and makers of quirky accessories for the fashion-conscious pooch. They aim to use fabric that’s just a little bit different and make original items to a ridiculously high standard so they will always stand out from the crowd.

How fantastic would your pooch look in a Unicorn Collar and Lead Set? Or maybe a Spiderman and Captain America Style Double Sided Bandana? You can check out all their stuff on their website at or visit their Etsy store which currently has free UK delivery!

Chris Rose Photography

Chris Rose produces this wonderfully quirky photography featuring a mash-up of various geeky characters in toy form. He has collected Star Wars toys on and off since I was six years old and always loved imagining the “backstories” of the characters, wondering what happened once the main story had ended, or just making up his own tales for them.

He sells prints of his work online at £20 for A4, or £25 for A3, featuring a range of Star Wars, Marvel, and other geeky characters. Check out his website and online store at

Weemack Creations

Weemack Creations produce and sell hand-painted glassware from tumblers, mason jars and shot glasses in a variety of geek inspired designs. They also produce hand made suncatchers for your windows, and if you’re looking for something decorative for your room, they also have a range of picture frames and coasters too!

You can find them on Facebook where they will keep you up to date with events and new products, or you can check out our website which has a range of products available to buy direct. They also have an Etsy store, or if all else fails they can be contacted by email: [email protected]


Sam produces a lovely range of wonderfully quirky gift ideas, from framed prints to hand-painted plant pots, and pet rocks! She started her business after painting pots & pebbles for fun whilst recovering from treatment for Breast Cancer in 2013. After selling a stack of her work at a charity event for Breast Cancer Care, she turned her hobby into a fulltime job!

You can find out more about Sam at her website –, and buy her lovely work at her Etsy shop here.

Geeky Nerd Toys

Another staple of any Comic-Con are the ubiquitous Funko Pops! That’s where Geeky Nerd Toys come in… If you want The Mandalorian On Blurrg, or that Deadpool Gold Variant figure, they have you covered. They don’t only cater to Funko obsessives but also have a range of other toys and figures too. Whether you want an Ultimate Gremlin 7″ Action Figure, a 40th Anniversary Black Series Snowspeeder, or Baby Yoda Electronic Plush Action Figure, they have it all at their online shop.

Go visit Geeky Nerd Toys on their website at

Screen Star Autographs

Whilst you might not be able to meet and get autographs yourselves from stars in person right now, Screen Star Autographs has a huge selection of authentic autographs obtained in person for you to buy. Whether you want Angelina Jolie’s moniker, a signed photo of Andrew Scott, or Supergirl herself, Melissa Benoist, you can get them all on their website.

To pick up an authentic autograph of your favourite star, head to

The Mermaid’s Cave

The Mermaid’s Cave might sound like it should be all sparkles and unicorns, but then one of the first produces I saw on their store was a Jason Voorhees necklace and an R2-D2 patch, so clearly they have a much broader range than the name suggests! They have a huge and lovely collection of patches, jewellery, and other geeky merchandise, from Infinity War Endgame Marvel Charm Bracelets to Handmade Tigger Necklaces to Handmade Sonic The Hedgehog Earrings!

There is a ton of wares for you to flip through over on The Mermaid’s Cave Esty store here.

Cult Locations Ink.

Cult Locations Ink produce beautifully dark-framed art prints inspired by horror, cult movie and TV locations. Whether you’re a Star Wars fan or love Breaking Bad, they have a print for you. From iconic horror movies to 80’s action classics, or tv shows from Bob’s Burgers to Star Trek, there is an amazing selection of artwork to chose from.

For more info and to buy their prints, check out