Online Slots UK – Technology-Driven Growth

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22 Jan 21

Online Slots UK – Technology-Driven Growth

Even though online slots are old games that have existed for a long time, they keep growing in popularity. Many people expected that slots would simply “die out” and that players would switch to other games.

However, introducing new technologies and a total rebranding of casino slots have made them more popular than ever. This is the case on a global level and especially in the UK. So let’s see how technology is affecting their growth.

Growth of UK Slots

At the end of 2020, the UK Gambling Commission has announced that the annual growth of online casinos in the UK was at 8%. However, it’s not only the online casinos that are growing. The total gross gambling yield in the UK reached 14.5 B pounds in 2018.

In 2011 the total yield was at 8.5 B, and this is a noticeable growth. Simultaneously, the total number of gambling premises in the UK has surpassed 10,000 locations in 2019. Compared to 2011, this is also a significant increase.

A big part of every casino is slots. Furthermore, there are around 200,000 gaming machines throughout the whole UK and this includes slots UK as well.

Virtual Reality

Since it first appeared, VR has improved a lot. Online casinos recognized VR as a great tool to improve their services early on. Today, many full-blown VR online casinos like Prime Slots UK offer full immersion through VR.

In a nutshell, virtual reality lets players feel like they are in a casino, even though they are playing games from the comfort of their home. Players can see each other, communicate, and play together through VR headsets.

Realistic slot machines are one of the key features casinos offer. These games are being developed in a large number because players love them.

Augmented Reality

Virtual reality is in full swing at the moment, but augmented reality is also coming fast to improve modern casinos. There are already games that let people control and see real-world objects on a screen.

This technology enhances the environment with realistic sounds, visualization, and even more immersive experience. This is why more and more casinos are looking to add AR and impress their players with some of the latest technologies.

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain is a digital technology that’s traditionally used for running various cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. But Blockchain offers many advantages for a variety of tasks. Since the whole casino industry in the UK is looking to improve itself through technology, using blockchain was a logical step.

First of all, all casinos need to have flawless accounting operations. Blockchain helps with this by moving all the financial documents in a blockchain ledger. Players use their wallets to pull their winnings from a blockchain.

However, they receive crypto values that are instantly converted to get the amount that they’ve won. Simply put, we already have crypto casinos out there without even knowing it. At the same time, blockchain guarantees security and transparency, and players love this.

New Game Mechanics

Slots are simple, and they haven’t changed for a long time. People get bored when they play the same games over and over. There is a need for something new to keep the experience fresh. In the past decade, casinos started offering new types of slots that offered different mechanics.

They added new themes, bonuses, bonus games, more reels, special symbols, and so much more. All of this has made the games more exciting and fun. Want to see some cool movie-themed slots? Check out this list:

New Casino Apps

You might think that only online casinos have apps, but this isn’t true. Yes, online casino apps let players play their games smoothly on mobile devices without bugs or glitches. However, casinos also offer apps to be used within the grounds of the casino.

These apps let them see how much they have on their account, they can ask for a drink, or request a seat at some other table. Everything is digitalized to make the overall experience much more pleasant.


These innovative technologies have played a vital role in the growth of UK slots. We can only expect to see new technologies in the future that will make the player experience even better.