Vanessa Lachey Lands Lead Role In ‘NCIS: Hawaii’

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30 Apr 21

Vanessa Lachey Lands Lead Role In ‘NCIS: Hawaii’

The ‘NCIS’ franchise has found its first female lead, as Vanessa Lachey bags the role of the Special Agent in Charge of NCIS Pearl Harbor for NCIS: Hawaii.

The new spin-off, ‘NCIS: Hawaii’, will centre on the Jane Tennant (Lachey), the first female Special Agent in Charge of NCIS Pearl Harbor, who, along with her team, balance duty to family and country, investigating high-stakes crimes involving military personnel, national security and the mysteries of the island itself.

Lachey’s Tennant is as diplomatic as she is hard-charging. A woman in a male-dominated profession, she’s thrived in a system that’s pushed back every step of the way through equal parts confidence and strategy. But Tennant is more than just a job and a title. She’s a mother raising her kids mostly on her own. Like any parent who loves their career and their family – she’s a master juggler – balancing the duty to both her children and her country.

Vanessa Lachey has recently been appearing in the sitcom ‘Call Me Kat’, and previously starred in ‘BH90210’ for FOX, and Seth Green’s sitcom ‘Dads’. This actually won’t be her first time on the islands, having previously popped up in an episode of ‘Hawaii Five-0’.

Also announced today are two of Tennant’s NCIS teammates. Yasmine Al-Bustami (‘The Originals’, ‘The Chosen’) who takes the role of junior team member Lucy, and Jason Antoon (‘Claws’, ‘Famous in Love’) who will play Ernie, NCIS’s Cyber Intelligence Specialist.

Confident in the way that reflects a lifetime of achievement and youthful enthusiasm, Al-Bustami’s Lucy is the junior member of Tennant’s NCIS team. Eager to be the first one to find that key piece of evidence, create a workaround in the bureaucracy, or tackle a suspect down a flight of stairs.

Antoon’s Ernie is a polyglot with a keen mind for technology, history, literature and all things Hawaiian. He’s an essential component of the team, who can trace an anonymous IP address or profile a suspect using only their social media footprint. Ernie doesn’t have family on the island so he’s invited himself to join his Team’s families.

The series comes from ‘NCIS: New Orleans’ EP/Showrunner Christopher Silber and EP Jan Nash, alongside ‘SEAL Team’ writer/producer Matt Bosack. As you are probably aware, ‘NCIS: NO’ is set to bow out this year after 7 Seasons, which frees Silber and Nash up for the new series. All three exec produce alongside Larry Teng (‘Supergirl’, ‘SEAL Team’) who will also direct.

NCIS: Hawaii airs on CBS in the USA, but we aren’t sure where it will end up in the UK. It’s likely to either be Sky, or possibly FOX UK, who air the main ‘NCIS’ and the departing ‘NCIS: New Orleans’, but we’ll have to wait and see.