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The 12th Annual Geektown Awards Launch Podcast

It's that time of year again!

by Dave Elliott

The 12th Annual Geektown Awards Launch Podcast

It is that time of year again… The time when we launch the Geektown Awards, which are now open for voting by you, and you could win some MASSIVE prizes!

In this special edition of the Geektown Radio podcast, I’m joined by Matt from Entertainment Talk, and our film reviewer Gray, as we go through our lists of the Best TV Shows, Films and Video Games Of 2023! You then have the chance to tell us what you think, by heading over to the Geektown Awards page, and choosing your favourite entertainment of the last 12 months. By taking part and filling out the form, you will also be entered into our MASSIVE AWARDS GIVEAWAY, featuring a chance to snag an enormous box of geeky treasures as the main prize. Additionally, there’s an exciting Mystery Box runner-up prize up for grabs!

If you want some inspiration or want to know more about the various shows in the list, you can listen to the launch podcast below, where Matt, Gray, and I, all pitch the TV shows, films and games we think should be included in the voting… and also what should not… It was a fun and lively discussion as we weed out what we thought were the best things to include in this year’s lists, and make our passionate pleas for inclusion!

Have you got a disturbing amount of “hours played” in a video game? Did you lose a weekend binge-watching something on Netflix? Was there a film which dragged you from the comfort of your sofa to the cinema? Let us know by voting in the awards this year!


If you want to listen to the latest episode, just click the link above and if you like it, you can click here to subscribe to Geektown Radio on iTunes or click here for the RSS feed. If you want to support the show, you can now do that here via the Acast supporter’s link, and find us on Acast here.

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