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Tim Kring Is Trying To Reboot Superpowered Drama ‘Heroes’ (Again)

by Dave Elliott

‘Heroes’ creator Tim Kring is taking another stab at rebooting his 2006 superpowered drama, as it’s revealed he’s pitching the idea of ‘Heroes: Eclipsed’ to buyers.

Based on his pop culture-defining original series, ‘Heroes: Eclipsed’ would be set years after the events of the original series as a new group of “evos” discover they have powers which will change their lives. Featuring familiar villains and new enemies who will attempt to suppress this next step in human evolution again, it will be up to this new group of heroes to save the world.

This isn’t the first time Kring has returned to ‘Heroes’. In 2015 he produced the limited series ‘Heroes Reborn’ which brought back some of the original cast, alongside some new “evos” who awoke to find they had powers, although it never really grabbed the ratings. The original show ran for 4 Seasons, being nominated for an Outstanding Drama Series Emmy for season one. Despite the strong start, the later seasons rather lost their way, with nothing really matching the “save the cheerleader, save the world” premise of its initial run.

According to reports, Kring is pitching the idea of ‘Heroes: Eclipsed’ as an ongoing series to NBC, along with some of the streaming services. It’s hard to say whether anyone will bite… Given the rather lacklustre response to ‘Heroes Reborn’, and the latter seasons of the original show, is there still an appetite for ‘Heroes’ or is he “flogging a dead hero?”

Should someone decide to take on ‘Heroes: Eclipsed’, Kring would exec produce alongside Jordan Cerf. Universal Television, part of Universal Studio Group, who are behind the ‘Heroes’ franchise, would serve as the studio.

‘Heroes: Eclipsed’ is very much “in development” so may not come to anything, but we’ll let you know if we hear more.

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