Strike Back

'Strike Back' Strikes Back! Series Returns With New Cast

Sky 1 / Cinemax drama about  the actions of Section 20, a secretive branch of the British Secret Intelligence Service (MI6).

Country of Origin: UK

UK TV Premiere Date

Latest/Next UK Season: 8 (Final)

Latest/Next UK TV Air Date: 25 February 2020 at 9:00 pm

UK Channel: Sky One

Previous UK Premiere Dates

Chris Ryan’s Strike Back (Season 1) – Sky 1 – 5 May 2010at 9pm
Strike Back: Project Dawn (Season 2) – Sky1 – Sun 21st August 2011 at 9pm
Strike Back: Vengeance, (Season 3) – Sky1 – 2nd September 2012 at 10pm
Strike Back: Shadow Warfare (series 4) – Sky 1 – 28th October 2013 at 9pm
Strike Back: Legacy (series 5) – Sky 1 – 3rd June 2015 at 9pm
Strike Back: Retribution (series 6) – Sky 1 – 31st October 2017 at 9pm
Strike Back: Retribution (series 6b) – Sky 1 – 31 January 2018 at 9pm
Strike Back: Silent War (Strike Back: Revolution In The US) (Season 7) – Sky One – 28 February 2019 at 9pm

In the US, they don’t count Season 1, so US Season 7 is UK’s Season 8…

US TV Premiere Date [BETA]

The US TV information is currently being added. Please bear with us!

Latest/Next US Season: 7 (Final)

Latest/Next US TV Air Date: February 14, 2020

US Channel: Cinemax

Previous US Premiere Dates


Final Season: 8 (Final)



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Additional Airing Notes:

Strike Back, strikes back! The show returns with a new cast (and more things exploding).