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Blizzard Annouce Starcraft II

by Dave Elliott

Starcraft II
As Blizzard say themselves… “Hell, It’s About Time!”

Rumours have been flying about that Blizzard were going to make a big announcement for some time, and it’s finally arrived. Some predicted a Starcraft MMO, but i never really saw that happening (least not yet anyway). Why split the WoW player base when WoW is still riding high. The obvious next choice, Starcraft 2. Give some of the highly talented Blizzard RTS guys that have been sat around twiddling their thumbs since Warcraft 3 something to get their teeth into! Although here at GeekTown we’ve moved away from Blizzard/WoW in recent months, i’m really excited to see them going back to their RTS roots and continuing the Starcraft story. Blizzard RTS games always rocked, and i’m sure this’ll be no exception!
More info at the official site here

IGN also have a bunch of screenshots here

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